Are you gonna protect me?
Thu Feb 2, 2017 00:20

Holland Keene was everything she had seen in the movie Mean Girls, except for two very important details: Holland was neither mean nor a girl. Sure, they lived in the girls’ quarters of Lyra, as she understood it, but that was the thing. They were they, and that was that, and Francine did her best to be understanding. What she meant by the Mean Girls thing was the intimidating level of fashionability. Holland was so stylish that it rather intimidated her. They were concerningly gorgeous and amazing at makeup, a better girl than she could ever hope to be without even trying. Holland seemed to understand themself, and they were bold and true, which was something Francine couldn’t help but respect and maybe even envy a little.

She sighed. “Ah well.” Maybe it was just as well that Holland hadn’t seen Lucien. At least they were also fun to talk to, so she didn’t mind keeping their company for a bit. They were nice, and also they were complimenting her. “Thanks!” she grinned. “The ears are just plastic,” she admitted, angling her head so that they could touch the tips for confirmation if they felt so inclined. “I’m Princess Zelda. It’s from a video game,” she added as explanation. Francine was never really sure about anybody’s blood or background, being mixed herself, so she was always sure to give some kind of explanation to the Muggle things she mentioned, just in case. Most people didn’t know what she was talking about just in general, anyway. That was, except Nick. Her twin knew what she was talking about a solid fifty percent of the time.

“You look great too, by the way,” said Francine with genuine enthusiasm. “I’m in love with that lipstick. Plus I think this is my favorite color you do your hair.” She’d often thought of dyeing her own hair, and having it naturally so light made a great blank canvas, but she’d always been hesitant to actually go through with it. As much as she liked to experiment, she was weary to give up her “blondes have more fun” status.

“So you’re a mer…..” she trailed off briefly. The most common conclusion to that prefix was maid, but Francine didn’t want to drop gendered language on Holland. “...individual?” she concluded, raising her eyebrows imploringly. “Anyway, it’s cool,” she concluded with a laugh.

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