Thu Feb 2, 2017 19:50

Dhruv smiled, bemused, as Remington flipped through her notebook. The second-year had been blessed with a fantastic memory, so taking notes in class wasn’t something he troubled himself with. That could all be done later on in the evening. Having already confirmed for himself that his Wingardium Leviosa was up to shape, he scratched his chin as he considered the second spell Professor McKindy had mentioned.

“Well, I can do Wingardium Leviosa but I’m not sure about the other one. I don’t think we’ll be able to find a third-year to work with us – so I guess I’ll just have to give it a shot whenever we get to it. And if my eyebrows get blown off…” he shrugged “that’s a price I’m willing to pay.”

Dhruv walked over to the box where the discs were held and picked one up, sticking it in the pocket of his robes. His eyes narrowed as he stared out over the Pitch. He’d finally figured out what was bugging him about the set up. The green and red patches were in such close proximity to each other that if the red were actually lava, it would be practically impossible for anyone on the green patches to really survive the heat. Or at least, he was pretty sure that was true; he’d read an article on lava while browsing the online encyclopedia in the computer lab. Everyone would need some sort of protective gear or spell if the obstacle course were real. Now that would be cool to learn about. Perhaps he’d bug Professor McKindy about it later.

The other cool thing he’d learned about lava was that since it was technically molten rock it didn’t really act exactly like a liquid even though it looked like one. Lava was actually super dense, and he’d read that some muggles had fallen into shallow lava in the past and been able to get out quickly with bad burns. Depending on the type of lava involved, there was no guarantee you’d even sink into it, at least not immediately. Of course, you could be dead by the time you hit the lava anyway – your body could burn, or at the very least your lungs would char. And there was the question of radiant heat, which he wasn’t sure Professor McKindy had taken into consideration. Though, since the Pitch was wide and flat, maybe the radiant heat wouldn’t be so bad….

Dhruv blinked and looked at Remington. If she’d been saying anything to him, he definitely hadn’t heard it. “Uh, sorry, were you saying something? I was just thinking about the lava…” he looked out over the field again, then back at Remington. He blinked once more.

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    Remington was relieved that she’d flagged down someone to be in a group with her. And the older student actually looked familiar, which meant they must have been a Draco. From what she could tell,... more
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