We make a great team
Thu Feb 2, 2017 20:50

“Merlin, have you seen Dade? He looks so adorable I don’t know what to do with myself.”

At first, Marissa turned her head to look at Rose, then searched the crowd for the youngest Farnon child. She didn’t know the kid super well, but she knew that Rose adored him. The two were super close. Marissa was close to her own little sister, Kit, but not Rose and Dade close.

“Oh my god,” Marissa grinned once she spotted Dade in the crowd, “Aww, wow, he’s such a cutie.” She’d been surprised when Rose told her that her youngest brother was coming to the party, and she was even more surprised that he was going to dress up. She thought the bowtruckle costume was a genius move.

Her search for Dade let her look around the party and spot some other friends, too. Holland, of course, was slaying as a merperson. Holland could wear literally anything, and they would slay. Marissa was good at makeup, she was fashionable, but Holland was fashion. There were very few people in the world that Marissa would trust to try and tame the insanity that was her hair and even fewer who had succeeded. After a few previous attempts, and copious amount of a very specific potion (an entire bottle, actually), Holland had tamed the beast. They were magical, but they both agreed that the magic needed to be reserved for special occasions.

Shifty interrupted a conversation between Nick and Lucien, which made her smile. And Danny made a really convincing mime. Ah, that’s why he’s a Lyra. Marissa tore her eyes away from her other friend and focused back on Rose.

“So, why do you think he came to the party?” Marissa couldn’t stop herself from teasing, waggling her eyebrows. “Is his first year friend just a friend, or do you think he’s already got his first crush?”

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    • We make a great team - Marissa, Thu Feb 2 20:50
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