Stella E.M. Ramiro
I'm at that young age where I only have one thing on my mind
Fri Feb 3, 2017 22:14

As much as Stella enjoyed messing with people, she soon came to realize that most of the people in RMI were a bunch of squares, for lack of a better word. She had a few categories that she would sort people into: good, bad, and ambiguous; three easy examples of this was Magdalena, Momoka, and Hunter (respectively). It was a pretty monochrome way to view the world, but she found it easier that way- well kinda. She enjoyed it when people were either good or bad since it made it easier to know how she should act around them. But, to her distaste, most people at RMI were categorized as ambiguous, and her actions around those type of people were..muddy, unplanned. She didn't like it. Whenever she caught Hunter in the hallways she wasn't sure whether or not to give a small smile and wave, or roll her eyes. Taking all of this into consideration, Stella had been unusually quiet the past few days.

But, she decided she wouldn't tonight. Since she was doing so well in all her classes, she decided to do something she wouldn't be caught dead doing at her old school: Stella was going to go to a social gathering- a dance if you will. A school dance. A Halloween school dance. Dance... The word bounced around in her head as she stared at the poster she had picked up from a corridor. The Lyra was never one for dances, but seeing as no one knew that about her here, she figured that she would at least check one out before she left this cruel world (lol).

Stella donned the most normal clothes that she could find, which was a plain white dress with a black stripe around the waist, and was making her way down to the Quidditch Pitch when she saw an older classman from Aquila. Heather, maybe? She had realized that every time she saw her, her hair seemed to be a different color (tonight it was a vibrant orange). Politely, she asked if the girl could magically dye her hair a different color, which the older girl seemed all to happy to do. With a quick wave of her wand, all of the black dye seemed to drip off and Stella stood there standing wide-eyed, as she saw her hair turn back into its bright, blonde natural color. Taken aback, her mouth slightly ajar, she just stood there and watched the girl smile and wave good-bye to her as she ran to catch up with a friend.

"...", was all that Stella could mutter, but it wasn't even a mutter. This, this, this was not what she had planned, but all she told herself was that it was a Halloween party and nobody would even realize it was her (she hoped). Taking a deep breath, that slowly turned into quick breaths, she stepped out onto the Pitch awkwardly, staring at the scene in front of her. It was a little disgusting, she thought, but not in the good way. There were several tweens and teens dancing provocatively close to one another in a big crowd towards the middle, which Stella could only imagine smelled like sweat and angsty drama. Yeah, that was definitely not happening.

Making her way to a more secluded part of the Pitch, her eyes caught a girl in her year trying to fly what seemed to be a kite. Was that what people do at dances? Fly kites? Stella was intrigued and couldn't stop herself from walking a little closer to see if the girl would be successful. Trying to be Stella instead of Lillith for a chance, she awkwardly offered a bit of advice in her normal voice. "Erm, I think that the professors control the weather, so it might not fly," she pursed her lips in a disappointed manner. "Besides, I'm guessing that wind and questionable costumes don't exactly mix well," she winked.

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    • I'm at that young age where I only have one thing on my mind - Stella E.M. Ramiro, Fri Feb 3 22:14
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