Frankie Munro
That's exactly what we need!
Sun Feb 19, 2017 13:06

Frankie had been seeing Garen Tennant once a week since term had resumed. It hadn’t been the best at first but now that he was more comfortable with the man now. Frankie hadn’t told Nick about anything that happened and why he was seeing Tennant frankly it was none of his business. If Nick couldn’t be truthful about what was going on between him and Armaan then Frankie didn’t see the reason to tell Nick what was going on with him. Plus it was still hard for him to say that he was gay.

After his session with Tennant, Frankie needed to blow off some steam so he headed down to the pitch his broom in hand. Blowing off steam was good but also Frankie needed to work on some things. He knew the scouts were coming soon and he wanted to be in top form. Hell, he wished he could drag his whole team down to the Pitch and put them through some drills but he knew he couldn’t.

Hey, captain, want to help me practice, or just here to blow off steam?” Holland asked bringing Frankie out of his thoughts. Frankie smiled at Holland. “Dude! I was just thinking how I needed to get the team down to do some drills. It’s like you read my mind!” Frankie had been markedly nicer to Holland this term. They had really proved to be committed to the team. Plus with Wyatt’s confession of liking Holland Frankie couldn’t help but be nice. He just hoped if Holland ever found out about his younger brother’s crush that Holland would be careful with the tender Wyatt.

“Let’s start on the ground. We can do passing drills to get you more used to how your body moves when throwing the Quaffle. We can then move up to the sky later.” Frankie had learned about the passing drills from Gaston who was a coach of a Pro team. A pro team that refused to sign him because they feared the word nepotism being thrown around at them.

  • Practice makes better [Tag: Frankie] - Holland Keene, Sun Feb 19 12:40
    Now that Holland was properly on the team, their athletic ability affected whether Lyra won or lost. Not as much as Emmett’s skills—the points system in Quidditch was more than rigged to make Seekers ... more
    • That's exactly what we need! - Frankie Munro, Sun Feb 19 13:06
      • Good thing I have a great coach - Holland, Mon Feb 20 00:04
        Frankie was down for getting some practice in, and his suggestion aligned perfectly with what Holland had been planning to do. They nodded and set their wand down beside their broom, which was... more
        • I try! - Frankie, Mon Feb 20 18:40
          When Holland said that they had wanted to work on reflexes and stuff Frankie grinned at them. “Good!” Frankie replied happily as he began to stretch. He didn’t want to pull anything there were a few... more
          • Try this one on for size! - Francine Holtz, Tue Feb 21 15:33
            The nice thing about an underground school was that the weather system was entirely its own. So while winter still had its tendrils on Pearl Street, the Quidditch Pitch provided an outdoor-ish area... more
            • But I like what I have on now - Holland, Tue Feb 21 22:14
              “ Nothing too earth shattering, ” Frankie said, doing a perfect impression of someone who had had an earth-shattering break and wanted to hide it. If Holland was talking to Danny or Emmett or Marissa ... more
              • Fits nice now leave - Frankie, Wed Feb 22 14:18
                Frankie groaned when he noticed Francine coming near Holland and him. Francine was the last person Frankie wanted to see now. It wasn’t that the seventh year hated his fellow seventh year he just... more
                • ....Awk-ward~ - Francine, Thu Feb 23 13:54
                  Holland passed her the Quaffle. I’m in. Their response was about what she’d been expecting: playful, but indicative of a negative. Nothing that read whether or not Holland actually wanted to be more... more
                  • You can say that again - Holland, Thu Feb 23 19:31
                    Holland was mostly joking in their answer to Francine, which made it all the more baffling when Frankie got absurdly defensive about it. RMI’s rumor mill was quick, myopic, and inaccurate, much like... more
                    • Awkwarddddddddddddd - Frankie, Thu Mar 2 13:12
                      Frankie narrowed his eyes at Francine while she fumbled through her answer of why she cared. The seventh year was not in the mood for this. He caught the Quaffle easily, glad to have it back under... more
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