They're only disappointing if I accept them.
Sun Feb 19, 2017 20:26

The now bright red guy in front of her was Elijah, the Cetus Quidditch captain. He wasn’t the first, second, third, or fourth person to come to mind when discussing making out, but there he was. Marissa wasn’t entirely sure she had a list of people to talk to about this particular subject, or if she did, it wasn’t ranked. Well, whether Elijah liked it or not, he was here now.

She and Elijah had never really hung out in a friendly capacity, but they both got along. Whenever she spent time with him, she enjoyed it. They both had a shared enjoyment of Quidditch, and they could usually get through a decent conversation on that alone. This new topic was an added possibility. He was a year above her, but it was never too late to learn something new about another student at Rocky Mountain International. She wasn’t close with any Ceti, except her Aunt Katrina, so maybe it was time.

He seemed very thrown by her question, which she found perplexing. He was a sixteen or seventeen year old (who, as far as she knew, identified as) male. Didn’t guys think about that stuff all the time? She thought most teenagers thought about it at least some of the time. It was just more socially acceptable for guys to openly admit to thinking about making out and other stuff.

“Uh, what? Um, no? I mean, it’s not usually something I feel the need to do?”

Marissa resisted the urge to roll her green eyes. Either he was completely thrown by a girl being so open about her urges, or there was something in the water this year, and no one was interested in fooling around anymore. Lame. “Okay, maybe not usually, but what about those shining moments when you do?” She looked up from her broom, pausing the cleaning. “Doesn’t it kind of suck to not be able to do anything about it?”

  • I am full of disappointing answers - Elijah Carthy, Sun Feb 19 11:16
    “Do you ever just really need to make out with someone?” EJ hadn’t intended to run into anyone when he decided to go to the pitch to fly a couple laps. Despite their practice being earlier that day,... more
    • They're only disappointing if I accept them. - Marissa, Sun Feb 19 20:26
      • I'd rather not disappoint, if possible. - Elijah, Mon Feb 20 18:24
        “Ah,” Elijah said, moving to sit down on the bench two down from Marissa, the one in between holding her broom. He knew that he probably sounded like a moron or some celibate weirdo that definitely... more
        • I think most people feel that way - Marissa, Sat Feb 25 20:51
          Marissa didn’t mind the silence that seemed to take over the conversation. There was a lot of thought involved in this conversation. Elijah was allowed to have that time. Marissa wanted a genuine... more
          • But how do you feel about it? - Elijah, Mon Feb 27 23:33
            Elijah could tell that Marissa wasn’t exactly thrilled with his response but there was really nothing he could do to help that. He wasn’t good at expressing these kinds of things whatsoever. Sure,... more
            • I'll keep that to myself - Marissa, Fri Mar 3 11:46
              When did the guys at Rocky Mountain International get so weird about this stuff? Marissa thought that Emmett was the most awkward guy at the school, but now she was starting to doubt that. Emmett, at ... more
              • I guess I expected that. - EJ, Mon Mar 13 00:38
                “No harm done.” Elijah said, waving his hand dismissively. It only made sense for people to assume he was with Camilla. She was his best friend after all and they did spend most if not all of their... more
                • Was this expected, though? - Marissa, Wed Mar 15 13:18
                  Ah, so this was more hypothetical than not. She had a party coming up, and if Elijah had told her there was an actual person, she would’ve manipulated the pairings so he’d get a chance. Marissa threw ... more
                  • Definitely not. - Elijah, Sat Mar 18 21:05
                    Elijah blinked once or twice as Marissa’s first sentence settled over him. His nose wrinkled briefly as he fiddled with the brush in his fingers. He’d never considered that perhaps people were... more
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