But I like what I have on now
Tue Feb 21, 2017 22:14

Nothing too earth shattering,” Frankie said, doing a perfect impression of someone who had had an earth-shattering break and wanted to hide it. If Holland was talking to Danny or Emmett or Marissa or even Rose, they would have pressed for details. Partially because of nosiness but mostly because bottling things up made people feel worse and Holland didn’t want any of their friends to feel worse. They also didn’t want Frankie to feel worse, but Holland was pretty sure they weren’t close enough to Frankie to ask potentially invasive questions. Holland and Frankie had been in school together for five years and got along, but outside of Quidditch and some common friends, they didn’t interact much. If Frankie wanted Holland to weigh in on whatever was going on with him, he’d ask.

Further evidence that Frankie did not want to talk about his midterm: he immediately changed the subject. To Holland’s hair. Which the fifth-year was pretty sure Frankie had never ever cared about. They grinned at the second-hand compliment, though. Holland didn’t know much about the younger Munro, except that he was really tall for a third-year and ran a tutoring business. Emmett went to him for tutoring sometimes and hadn’t failed many classes, which said a lot for how smart Wyatt was if he was tutoring above his year.

Holland started to respond but was cut off by the arrival of Francine, who had never arrived anywhere quietly. “Hey Francine,” they said. It seemed like a bad principle to practice with a member of a rival team, but they weren’t doing actual Keeping work and passing drills weren’t state secrets. Plus Francine probably didn’t care enough to pass anything on to the Cetus team. Slightly winded, Holland shrugged and tossed the Quaffle to Francine.

And then they stopped moving because Francine was suddenly leaping spontaneously from Holland and Frankie running passing drills to Holland and Frankie being a couple. While doing a perfect impression of a bad soap opera star. There was, Holland decided, a reason that Francine mostly did behind-the-scenes work in Drama Club.

Holland stared at Francine, one immaculate eyebrow slightly raised at her. “This is the first I’m hearing about it,” they said dryly. They glanced at Frankie. “If we are, you should take me out sometime,” they joked, “but I’m pretty sure we’re not.”

  • Try this one on for size! - Francine Holtz, Tue Feb 21 15:33
    The nice thing about an underground school was that the weather system was entirely its own. So while winter still had its tendrils on Pearl Street, the Quidditch Pitch provided an outdoor-ish area... more
    • But I like what I have on now - Holland, Tue Feb 21 22:14
      • Fits nice now leave - Frankie, Wed Feb 22 14:18
        Frankie groaned when he noticed Francine coming near Holland and him. Francine was the last person Frankie wanted to see now. It wasn’t that the seventh year hated his fellow seventh year he just... more
        • ....Awk-ward~ - Francine, Thu Feb 23 13:54
          Holland passed her the Quaffle. I’m in. Their response was about what she’d been expecting: playful, but indicative of a negative. Nothing that read whether or not Holland actually wanted to be more... more
          • You can say that again - Holland, Thu Feb 23 19:31
            Holland was mostly joking in their answer to Francine, which made it all the more baffling when Frankie got absurdly defensive about it. RMI’s rumor mill was quick, myopic, and inaccurate, much like... more
            • Awkwarddddddddddddd - Frankie, Thu Mar 2 13:12
              Frankie narrowed his eyes at Francine while she fumbled through her answer of why she cared. The seventh year was not in the mood for this. He caught the Quaffle easily, glad to have it back under... more
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