Thu Feb 23, 2017 13:54

Holland passed her the Quaffle. I’m in.

Their response was about what she’d been expecting: playful, but indicative of a negative. Nothing that read whether or not Holland actually wanted to be more than they were with Frankie, but it was a start. She could work with it. She gave a blossoming smile, but it died suddenly when Frankie gave his own response.

Francine felt the pit of her stomach drop out, and her body suddenly flashed very hot. She didn’t like his tone, or the way he looked down at her (an unavoidable factor of Frankie’s impressive height that here only served to make her feel quite small). Her brain scrambled for an answer: what did it matter to her? Well, she knew in an instant she couldn’t tell the exact truth. In general, Francine wasn’t the best person to trust with a secret, but she wasn’t about to blab about Nick’s feelings, especially when Frankie was clearly annoyed with her inquiry to begin with.

“Oh, uh, I was just curious,” she fumbled. “B-because….” The Head Girl tossed the Quaffle nervously, a bit harder than was probably strictly necessary at this range, but she wanted to get it to Frankie as soon as possible. The way he clapped his hands suggested he wanted it now and she was more than a little intimidated. “Because Emmett mentioned something to me about it,” she lied, giving the first explanation that came to mind.

“I was sitting by him and his brother Mickey at the family feast at midterm, and we were talking, and it just sorta… popped up,” she went on, her free hands enabling her to utilize her fidget ring. Francine was fairly twitchy habitually, but it might have been apparent that she was lying based on the exacerbation of the fact. “He said something about you two? But I guess I might’ve misunderstood, though, if there’s nothing going on.”

She glanced between the two Lyras, although she focused mainly on Holland, because they currently intimidated her less. “Um, he seemed a little bit upset about it, if I’m being honest,” she added, being completely not honest. “You might want to ask him about it. Maybe he’s crushing on his best friend and was concerned about the idea of that person being involved with someone else.” Francine immediately mentally cursed herself for so solidly bringing Emmett Lawrence into the matter - of course if Holand asked, he would refute all of her claims, unless she got to him first….? - but she had decided in the split second she had for decision making that maybe if she added more detail, it would sound more plausible.

“Aaaaaanyway,” said Francine, leaving little time between for anyone else to speak. She glanced at her wrist (she was not wearing a watch) and bent down to pick up her backpack. “I should probably get going. Sorry for the confusion.”

  • Fits nice now leave - Frankie, Wed Feb 22 14:18
    Frankie groaned when he noticed Francine coming near Holland and him. Francine was the last person Frankie wanted to see now. It wasn’t that the seventh year hated his fellow seventh year he just... more
    • ....Awk-ward~ - Francine, Thu Feb 23 13:54
      • You can say that again - Holland, Thu Feb 23 19:31
        Holland was mostly joking in their answer to Francine, which made it all the more baffling when Frankie got absurdly defensive about it. RMI’s rumor mill was quick, myopic, and inaccurate, much like... more
        • Awkwarddddddddddddd - Frankie, Thu Mar 2 13:12
          Frankie narrowed his eyes at Francine while she fumbled through her answer of why she cared. The seventh year was not in the mood for this. He caught the Quaffle easily, glad to have it back under... more
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