You can say that again
Thu Feb 23, 2017 19:31

Holland was mostly joking in their answer to Francine, which made it all the more baffling when Frankie got absurdly defensive about it. RMI’s rumor mill was quick, myopic, and inaccurate, much like Fox News and FBI reports, and Holland in general didn’t mind when it produced something harmless like rumors about who was dating who. The people involved could debunk the story and the people uninvolved would just be uninformed for a while, to no one’s detriment. Holland didn’t see how anyone would have come up with the idea that they were dating Frankie—the Lyras didn’t spend a lot of time together—but they also didn’t see a reason not to just casually refute Francine.

The fifth-year was about to say something to their captain that might’ve earned them a lap in practice when Francine stammered out something long and rambling about Emmett that was just… categorically not true. Holland stared at her, nonplussed. They would know if Emmett had a crush on them, for two reasons. First, because Emmett would have said something. Holland wouldn’t say they told each other everything, but the Lyras told each other most things, they thought. He didn’t have a reason not to say something if he was interested, since Holland was single and wasn’t even pining for anyone in particular right now. They weren’t interested in Emmett, but they would have tried to let him down gently if he’d asked them out. Having a crush was hardly a friendship-ruining offense.

But that was beside the point because even if Emmett was worried about “making things weird” (or whatever boys worried about when asking friends out), Emmett Lawrence was not the subtlest hue in the palette. With Marissa, he couldn’t have been more obvious if he had written “lovesick puppy” on his forehead in Cherry Bomb lipstick. Emmett couldn’t hide a crush to save his life, social or otherwise, and Holland was confident they would have noticed their friend behaving differently if Francine was right.

Unless the Marissa thing this fall was a distraction tactic so no one would notice the—nope. With effort, Holland shut off the conspiracy part of their brain. Emmett wasn’t subversive enough to come up with something like that. Or a good enough actor to pull it off. He was fine onstage, but the skill didn’t seem to carry over to his daily life.

He was better than Francine, though.

“I mean, he definitely isn’t,” said Holland, laughing a bit. “I don’t know why he would’ve said that,” they added, because it was always better to challenge wild claims. At the very least, you usually learned something.

Francine, apparently now realizing that she was being incredibly awkward, decided it was time to leave. “Well, that was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen,” Holland muttered under their breath. They glanced at Frankie for confirmation. “Maybe you should ask Nick why Francine has suddenly taken a job as the conductor of the train to Crazytown,” they said, a bit louder, but still trying to be quiet while Francine was within earshot.

  • ....Awk-ward~ - Francine, Thu Feb 23 13:54
    Holland passed her the Quaffle. I’m in. Their response was about what she’d been expecting: playful, but indicative of a negative. Nothing that read whether or not Holland actually wanted to be more... more
    • You can say that again - Holland, Thu Feb 23 19:31
      • Awkwarddddddddddddd - Frankie, Thu Mar 2 13:12
        Frankie narrowed his eyes at Francine while she fumbled through her answer of why she cared. The seventh year was not in the mood for this. He caught the Quaffle easily, glad to have it back under... more
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