I'll keep that to myself
Fri Mar 3, 2017 11:46

When did the guys at Rocky Mountain International get so weird about this stuff? Marissa thought that Emmett was the most awkward guy at the school, but now she was starting to doubt that. Emmett, at least, was open about his awkwardness. It usually came across in humorous self-deprecation, but everyone knew what Emmett was about. Danny, who Marissa had never known to be awkward, and Elijah, who Marissa didn’t really know but hadn’t gotten that vibe from him, were both surprises.

The rumors about Elijah and Camilla hadn’t surprised the red head, but she also didn’t pay much attention to them. She didn’t know Elijah or Camilla well, so the will they or won’t they aspect of their relationship didn’t interest her that much. Plus, it just made sense. No one would be surprised if the two of them ended up together.

Apparently, this bothered Elijah.

He went on a mini rant, which was entertaining. He made good points, too. The Aquila knew there were rumors about her. It was a small, underground school. She understood. What else was there to do but spread rumors? To her knowledge, none of them were restricting like Elijah’s were. In fact, the rumors she dealt with probably led to the opposite problem. Contrary to popular belief, Marissa had standards. She wasn’t interested in literally every person in her age range. The rumors, though, made it seem like she’d be down for anything, with anyone, at any time.

“It’s a normal thing but people like to make relationships and everything so much harder than it needs to be.”

“Agreed,” Marissa sighed. “People don’t realize that it’s not that difficult. And not everything has to be a relationship? Like, there are different definitions for everything and everyone.” She shrugged. “I totally was one of the people who thought you and Camilla were a couple; I’m sorry for just buying into that rumor. I can see how much that would suck.” She paused, and then decided to ask the one question his rant made her think of. “So, are there other options you wish you had? Or is that all just hypothetical?”

  • But how do you feel about it? - Elijah, Mon Feb 27 23:33
    Elijah could tell that Marissa wasn’t exactly thrilled with his response but there was really nothing he could do to help that. He wasn’t good at expressing these kinds of things whatsoever. Sure,... more
    • I'll keep that to myself - Marissa, Fri Mar 3 11:46
      • I guess I expected that. - EJ, Mon Mar 13 00:38
        “No harm done.” Elijah said, waving his hand dismissively. It only made sense for people to assume he was with Camilla. She was his best friend after all and they did spend most if not all of their... more
        • Was this expected, though? - Marissa, Wed Mar 15 13:18
          Ah, so this was more hypothetical than not. She had a party coming up, and if Elijah had told her there was an actual person, she would’ve manipulated the pairings so he’d get a chance. Marissa threw ... more
          • Definitely not. - Elijah, Sat Mar 18 21:05
            Elijah blinked once or twice as Marissa’s first sentence settled over him. His nose wrinkled briefly as he fiddled with the brush in his fingers. He’d never considered that perhaps people were... more
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