I guess I expected that.
Mon Mar 13, 2017 00:38

“No harm done.” Elijah said, waving his hand dismissively. It only made sense for people to assume he was with Camilla. She was his best friend after all and they did spend most if not all of their time together. He did care for her, but it was too expected of them. If it ever happened, Elijah wanted it to be more natural and less because it made sense.

”Or is that all just hypothetical?

The unbidden thought of Francine leapt into the sixth year’s mind at the mention of “other options”. Elijah swallowed, pushing the thought away as he did so. The foolish crush he’d had on the female since their third year was something that he tried to ignore. He’d gotten better at managing it over the years. He no longer tripped over his words around his fellow Cetus, nor did he flush vibrantly red at the thought or sight of her. It was probably a good thing, considering Marissa would have been able to call him out if the telltale blush had risen to his cheeks. Thankfully, his outward appearance remained calm.

“I-,” he said, pausing as he thought about it. “I guess it’s mostly hypothetical. I’ve had a muggle girlfriend here and there but disappearing to a boarding school that they can’t visit for the entire year isn’t exactly the easiest way to keep a relationship alive.” Maybe it was just his lot in life to remain the friendly single guy that got along generally well with everyone. “I mean, really most of the girls anywhere near my age are taken or uninterested. So really, where’s the point in wishing for options that won’t happen.”

Maybe that was his problem. He was too practical about the thing, this thing about females. All of it never sounded as awkward and disjointed in his head. Still, the Ceti’s mouth curled into a small smirk. “Besides,” he drawled, idly picking up one of the cleaning brushes and twirling it between long fingers. “I’m the ‘nice guy’ around here and people don’t like to see beyond that.” Appearances seemed to mean a lot to the students at RMI and when they formed their opinions, it stuck. “With that, the whole Camilla thing, and not having people be interested?” He said, still idly fiddling with the brush. “It really puts a damper on being able to fulfill the desire to really make out with someone.” The Ceti paused in both actions and words once more, eyes fixed on his redheaded company. “So I think the real answer to your original question of the night is that I know exactly what that need feels like.”

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    • I guess I expected that. - EJ, Mon Mar 13 00:38
      • Was this expected, though? - Marissa, Wed Mar 15 13:18
        Ah, so this was more hypothetical than not. She had a party coming up, and if Elijah had told her there was an actual person, she would’ve manipulated the pairings so he’d get a chance. Marissa threw ... more
        • Definitely not. - Elijah, Sat Mar 18 21:05
          Elijah blinked once or twice as Marissa’s first sentence settled over him. His nose wrinkled briefly as he fiddled with the brush in his fingers. He’d never considered that perhaps people were... more
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