Holland Keene
Maybe you should stick to walking
Wed Apr 5, 2017 16:49

It was rare to receive an astronomy assignment that needed to be completed during the day, but Holland had decided to design a sundial that worked with RMI’s weather charms for their final project for the year. Part of the development process was taking solar measurements, which Holland had opted to do at place in school with the largest amount of open-sky space: the Quidditch Pitch. The trees in the Outdoor Classroom made it less than ideal for tracking the sun throughout the day, even in the clearing.

As was typical for them, Holland was mentally two projects ahead, thinking about making an astrolabe specific to their home’s latitude as a graduation present to their parents. Most people didn’t give their parents gifts for their own graduation, but Holland felt Monty and Bryony Keene were at least partially responsible for their successful education. It was the same principle as giving your teachers thank-you-for-teaching-me-things presents when you were about to leave school, Holland thought, or the same principle as giving your biological mother a gift on your birthday, since that had been a fairly big day for her as well. Holland didn’t give Bryony gifts on their birthday, but Monty usually did something special for her to acknowledge the anniversary of her effort.

While the astrolabe was chronologically far removed from today (although Kaz would probably disagree about the concept of time being far), Holland was also working on another big project as they arrived at the Quidditch Pitch. They had taken a variety of fruits from the Finer Diner to practice nonverbal charms for their Animagus practice.

Switching Spells was up next—Holland planned to attempt switching the inside of an orange with that of an apple—but for now they were working their way through the rainbow with Color-Changing Charms. The apple had started to glow around the time it became chartreuse, which had not been Holland’s intention but started them thinking about bioluminescence. They couldn’t think of a use for it, although maybe people would go for glowing fruit as a novelty food item, but—

Their train of thought was jarringly derailed by a kid diving into the ground and tumbling arse-over-teakettle before he whumphed to a stop on the turf. Holland recognized the first-year, Hunter, from the Lyra Common Room. “Hey,” they called, walking over to make sure the kid wasn’t dead. He didn’t look too badly hurt, so they joked, “That was one hell of a meteorite impression. You okay? ‘Cause if you survived that, you should go out for Quidditch.”

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    Broomstick firmly in hand, Hunter stood on the pitch with arms stretched wide, enjoying the gentle breeze and sunshine. He had spent most of the first half of the term wandering around the inside of... more
    • Maybe you should stick to walking - Holland Keene, Wed Apr 5 16:49
      • Walking is Just Dancing Boring-Style - Hunter, Fri Apr 7 19:29
        After concluding that he didn’t need immediate medical attention, Hunter decided to just enjoy the grass for a bit. It was good grass. ”Hey, that was one hell of a meteorite impression. You okay?... more
        • What does moonwalking count as? - Holland, Mon Apr 17 18:17
          Hunter stayed lying on the grass for a few moments. He was a bit of an odd duck, on speed. In a way he reminded them of Emmett. Both because he was lying on the ground—Emmett did that more often than ... more
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