Claudia Dubois [2nd year Lyra]
On grassy lava, what would float?
Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:15

Claudia tugged her grey uniform robe so it fell more comfortably as she made her way across the Quidditch pitch to her spellwork class. She hadrons made of two different fabrics: lightweight for warmer weather, and heavier for colder weather. As September was usually warm, Claudia had opted for the lighter robes today, worn over a pink blouse and cream culottes. She wasn't sure what the day ahead would entail, especially with a spellwork class held out on the Quidditch pitch, so it was difficult to dress accordingly. One of the many daily struggles of being a student at RMI.

Even when this class was held in a more predictable venue, Claudia wasn't sure what to make of it. She liked some of the spells they learned more than others, and was more proficient at charms than transfiguration, but overall she found the content interesting. Professor McKindy was similarly quixotic; when around the school he seemed quieter and more withdrawn than other staff members, it then he wore a had made of frogs
transfigured into pink bubbles, and set peculiar tasks such as making their way across an imaginary lake of lava. Essentially, Claudia found spellwork classes turbulent because she never knew what to expect.

Without conscious decision, Claudia gently nibbled on the fingernails of her left hand while she listened to the Professor explaining the class. While it's content was satisfactory, Claudia groaned inwardly at the necessity of working with other students, especially first years. Whilst she didn't mind the company if others per se, the second year preferred to work on her own, with no witnesses to her mistakes or judgment from her peers. Neither did she have any interest in teaching the younger students; that was the professor's job, not hers.

Eying the altered pitch warily, Claudia had just begun planning out a potential route when she was startled by a poke and an exuberant greeting from Teal Rosse. Claudia offered a thin-lipped smile in reply. Her yearmate was wearing odd socks, and she poked people, but Claudia had no cause to dislike her. “It might be worth a try?” She responded uneasily to Teal’s suggestion. The Cetus student didn't know whether the sticks would work to propel a sled, or just get stuck in the grass-pretending-to-be-lava.

While aware that the professor had stipulated working with a first year, Claudia was not about to approach one and offer to work with someone who may be as likely to explode an object as to levitate it. The choice between. Working with an unknown first year and working with Teal was not necessarily a good choice, but as Teal was already present and talking to her, it was an easy one.

“There’s a bucket,” Claudia pointed to one of the green islands closest to them. “We could start by levitating that closer and using it as a stepping stone to get closer to the sled,” she suggested. “If you want to.”

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