Kaye Packman
Some might say that
Sun Nov 26, 2017 18:44

“What the hell?” Kaye mumbled, sitting up and stretching.

A paper had landed on both her face and her legs. Her legs were draped over Ruben’s lap while they were chilling on the Aquila couch (which meant she was dozing and Ruben was being a good footrest or something), so the one on her legs was probably meant to land in his lap. It took her half a second longer to wake up and process what was going on than her Friend, who’d already stood, removed his hoodie and shirt, dropped both of those items on top of Kaye’s head, and made his way to his room. She assumed he was changing. With a loud and dramatic groan, Kaye decided to join, and she went to go change, too.

(She took the shirt and hoodie with her, of course. He wasn’t going to use her as a coat rack and get his stuff back.)

The hardest part was deciding what wig to wear. Kaye knew that she wanted her black wrap around one piece with the sheer black fabric in interesting places. It’s why she was bringing the hoodie she’d just stolen with her. For some reason, all of Ruben’s hoodies were sleeveless, which wouldn’t do too much to keep her warm if she got cold. Still, it was comfy, and it’d provide an extra layer, so she shoved that into her bag as a just in case. It joined a black towel with a white mermaid tail printed on it; the black sleeveless zip up hoodie complimented the all black beach scheme she had going very nicely. Her oversized sunglasses also found their way into her bag. Then, she changed her mind, and switched those for the huge sunglasses Heather had on her desk instead. All of those things were simple decisions, even the red graffiti heels she slipped on with ease (she wouldn’t be caught dead in sandals, didn’t own flats, had only one pair of sneakers, and she was not about to walk all the way to the Rec Center barefoot, ew).

Most of her wigs, however, were not beach friendly. She didn’t plan on swimming or getting in the pool at all, but it was better to be safe than sorry. They were waterproof, but there was always the potential that if she got in the water, they’d come off and float away. If that happened, everyone would see her bald head and she’d die. She’d just die. It seemed like the majority of students hadn’t figured out she wore wigs yet, which worked out for her. Holland and Heather changed their hair enough that it was easy to assume Kaye just used charms, too. Speaking of Heather, her hair was still green, so that color was out. There was no way she’d be matchy matchy in any way, shape, or form with her roommate. And, no, wearing things she stole from Heather totally didn’t count.

After great consideration, she chose a dark brown wig that looked like it came straight out of the 1920’s. It had gorgeous finger waves, was short enough to not get in the way or move around in the wind, and it complimented her look really well. She last minute added tassel drop earrings before heading back to the Aquila couch to meet a very naked Ruben, who proceeded to harass her about her shoes.

They bickered all the way to Draco and literally picked up Anssi (who was very sweet; Kaye liked him) before walking to the Rec Center. Kaye was well aware of what Ruben was doing, and she matched his strides with relative ease. She only ever walked in heels. In fact, it was way more likely that she’d have a harder time keeping up in flat shoes. His legs were longer than hers, though, so it still took a little more energy, but not much. It was nothing like when he made her exercise. Yes, she understood that the doctors wanted her to work out to help improve her fatigue, but god, at what cost? She’d rather be tired all the time.

When they finally made it to the Rec Center, Ruben put down a poor Anssi, who said a quick goodbye. Kaye winked and waved Anssi off, smiling a little. Geez, what a cutie. It was unreal that he was related to Ruben in any way. Kaye raised an eyebrow up at Ruben, assuming they were going to hang out like they were in Aquila, and almost rolled her heavily lined blue eyes at his response. Well, she was rolling her eyes, and then he leaned down and kissed her on the cheek, which was a Whole New Thing.

She liked to think that she kept a straight face. She totally wasn’t blushing; she has a weird butterfly-like sunburn on her cheeks from that time she sunbathed on the Pitch. She didn’t realize magical sun could burn, but now she knew. So, yeah, it was all the sunburn, not at all blushing, nope. It took her a second longer than she normally would have to try and retort, and by the time she had something, Ruben was already walking away to his business.

And that business turned out to be Holland.

Something about that made her stomach twist, her nose tingle slightly like she was about to sneeze but not, and it made her feel the need to clear her throat. There was no reason to be surprised by that. Ruben was still totally into Holland, who looked gorgeous as always, and he was going to take this opportunity to flirt and flex his way back into being an interest again. She wasn’t dating Ruben, so he was free to do whatever he wanted. Kaye liked this friends-not friends thing they had going on. It was just frustrating when all she got after weeks was a kiss on the cheek, while Ruben and Holland had made out the first time they ever met. Plus, there was Marissa, and who knew who else Ruben had done stuff with? Probably everyone. Ugh.

Kaye swallowed again, trying to clear out this weird tightness in her throat, and briefly glanced around for Nolan, who she couldn’t spot. She started to walk away from the Ruben and Holland thing, leave them to their business, and she heard someone speak to her as she walked by.

“Think we can rustle up enough players for beach volleyball?”

Oh, it was Danny, perfect.

“No one gives a flying pineapple about beach volleyball. Shut up and move over,” Kaye instructed, dropped her bag on the ground next to the chair, and sat down whether or not he moved, “I have a question that’s way more important, anyway.

“I’m hot, right? Like, I’m aware that I’m sexy as hell, fashionable, experimental, perfect combination of real person and manic pixie dream-witch, but,” and here she rolled her eyes, “for some reason I need validation, so you’re gonna give it to me. I’m hot and could totally seduce you if I wanted, right?” She turned her head to look at Danny, a raised eyebrow daring him to say something else. Kaye really wouldn’t mind having someone to bully right now.

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    • Some might say that - Kaye Packman, Sun Nov 26 18:44
      • What might you say? - Dardanius, Mon Nov 27 16:29
        Normally Danny wouldn’t try to engage Kaye - under any circumstances - but it was a party and Danny was in a good mood. Good enough even to voluntarily socialize with his least favorite fifth year... more
        • What might you say? - Kaye, Fri Dec 1 22:06
          Danny moved over so far that he was now in another chair. Kaye decided this was fine, even though she would’ve enjoyed making him really uncomfortable with her close proximity, and made herself... more
          • Now you're just repeating me - Danny, Sat Dec 2 15:20
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              • You're not wrong - Danny, Fri Dec 8 16:05
                “Whatever.” Kaye pulled a hoodie on, even though it was warm in the rec center, and Danny sighed. It looked as though she was going to leave, and that was fine by him. She seemed in an even weirder... more
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