Any time
Sun Nov 26, 2017 19:20

If the older girl had answered, just to confirm that yes the sand was real, that would have been enough to satisfy Anssi. But instead, she actually crouched down by him and began playing with the sand. The first-year found that really surprising, but it was also really nice to see that she thought it was as fascinating as he did and was enjoying it too. The almost smile that had been only peeking out a little began to spread wider in response and Anssi was all too happy to resume fiddling with his fistful of sand, the mysteriously smooth yet also scratchy grains sliding past his fingers. “Sand is very nice,” he agreed with her brightly. “Like playing in snow, only you are needing even less clothes and boots!”

His comparison to snow had been absolutely a random thought that he had said as soon as it came into his brain, but now Anssi was thinking about it more, he realized that yes, the sand did feel like soft loose snow. The main difference was that it was warm and dry instead of cold and sticky. Though, speaking of sticky…

“Can y-- åh!” The question that Anssi had started to ask her was abruptly cut off when she gave him her sunglasses. Well, not really gave gave him, but she put her glasses right on top of his nose and told him to keep them. Astounded, the blonde boy could only gape at her for a moment. Wow. The glasses were big and dark enough that it was as if the sun had suddenly gone from noon to late afternoon, except of course there was no sun in the Rec Centre, only ordinary lamps (and very not ordinary waterfalls, but those had no lights, or at least he didn’t think they did). “No, you cannot think that for real!” he insisted, a giggle escaping now that he had had a moment to process this sudden change. There was no way he would look better in sunglasses than the girl.

But back to his original question. “How do you make fun with sand? Can you build sand the same as snow? Like a, umm, a snowpeople?” Rolling up big balls to make people out of snow was one of the best parts of sticky snow. They usually got enough sticky snow in Umeå that he could make multiple little snowpeople by himself, and then an actual person-sized one, too, if Pappa agreed to come outside in between all his busy work and helped him to roll the balls even bigger. The sand didn’t feel sticky enough to roll into a ball. He tried squeezing it tightly in his fist, but when he opened up his fingers again, he saw that hadn’t made it into a ball, either.

  • Thank you! - Camilla, Sat Nov 25 21:07
    Camilla smiled in response to Ruben’s little brother. The blonde didn't remember another time they had interacted before, especially because the Cetus usually didn't pay attention to the younger... more
    • Any time - Anssi, Sun Nov 26 19:20
      • You are the sweetest - Camilla, Sun Nov 26 21:02
        This kid was something else. Camilla was instantly melted by the sweetness that oozed from his every pore. He had won her over in a second, though she still had the issue of not really knowing his... more
        • And you are very smart! - Anssi, Wed Nov 29 21:01
          Even though his attempt at making the sand into a ball had not worked out very well, or at all, the older girl reacted in a positive and smiling way to his question. She claimed it was possible for... more
          • Why thank you! - Camilla, Thu Nov 30 17:28
            This kid was seriously adorable. Camilla was baffled at the fact that he was related to Ruben. How come this sweet child have Violent Ruben as a sibling? That was just mind blowing, really. The... more
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