You are the sweetest
Sun Nov 26, 2017 21:02

This kid was something else. Camilla was instantly melted by the sweetness that oozed from his every pore. He had won her over in a second, though she still had the issue of not really knowing his name, but that was secondary now. She could manage without saying his actual name. Maybe? It wasn't important at the moment. Camilla smiled at the younger kid before looking around to see if she saw her boyfriend, but Elijah still hadn't arrived. He could look for her. Now, she was going to do something she had not done in over 6 years: build a sand castle. Her hazel-eyes looked around the Rec Center trying to locate the best part to do so. The Cetus saw the building tools near the pool and she pointed to the boy

“Yes you can,” she said with a smile, “We could try it!” she finished excitedly before ushering the boy towards where she had pointed. Once the boy was walking with her she smiled encouragingly. They finally arrived and Camilla sat down on the sand. The fact that she would probably get sand all over places she didn't want to have sand stuck in went over head.

I should have brought a towel she thought before shrugging internally. Sand was messy anyways.

The blonde motioned the boy to sit and when he did flopped by her side she pushed the tools towards him, “We can build a sandcastle!” she said with a smile tugging her lips. “We only need some water to make the sand stick.” The blonde didn't have her wand with her, but she was already proficient with wandless magic. Her tutoring sessions with Mr. Adam Hunter had paid off. Spending two daily hours 5 days a week had really helped the Cetus perfect her dueling skills. Mr. Hunter had added martial arts, so Camilla was in the best shape she had ever been.

Camilla smiled at the boy. It seemed like he had never been at a beach? Or was he just super excited to be part of the party? The blonde wasn't sure, but it would be rude to ask. So, she just focused on what was in front of her. Sand and thingabob for build some castle. The blonde grabbed the bucket that was near her and wandlessly filled it with water.

“First, we need to dampen the sand in order to make it moldable,” she said as she poured some of the water into the sand and watching as the water made it a different shade than the dry sand. The Cetus scooped some up and made a ball out of wet sand. “Now we can begin!” she announced proudly while playing with the sand ball she had on her hand. “We can use these plastic things to build it. How does that sound?”

  • Any time - Anssi, Sun Nov 26 19:20
    If the older girl had answered, just to confirm that yes the sand was real, that would have been enough to satisfy Anssi. But instead, she actually crouched down by him and began playing with the... more
    • You are the sweetest - Camilla, Sun Nov 26 21:02
      • And you are very smart! - Anssi, Wed Nov 29 21:01
        Even though his attempt at making the sand into a ball had not worked out very well, or at all, the older girl reacted in a positive and smiling way to his question. She claimed it was possible for... more
        • Why thank you! - Camilla, Thu Nov 30 17:28
          This kid was seriously adorable. Camilla was baffled at the fact that he was related to Ruben. How come this sweet child have Violent Ruben as a sibling? That was just mind blowing, really. The... more
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