Nolan Ramsey
It can’t be that bad
Sun Nov 26, 2017 21:41

According to the RMI grapevine, Marissa’s parties were the stuff of legend. Heather had said that Marissa’s parties were not as good as her own. According to Heather, Marissa’s parties had worse food, decorations, music, and themes than Heather’s did. Nolan had yet to attend a Heather party. She’d invited him to one but he’d asked a few other people he knew and none of them were going, so Nolan had decided to pass on the offer to hang out with what seemed like just Heather. Maybe other people were invited, but he didn’t want to take that gamble. Heather was a pretty girl but, like, probably really high maintenance.

When the flyer arrived, Nolan decided to check out the “Day at the Beach” party, but then he’d had to take a while figuring out what he could wear, which Nolan didn’t usually think much about. Nolan didn’t usually wear shorts. Shorts were stupid because they ended about exactly where his left leg ended, so he couldn’t have them tailored. The leg just flapped around uselessly. And shorts weren’t that much use to him anyway, because when you rode every day you wanted jeans.

Nolan could swim, but it wasn’t like they had a pool or like there was one nearby. They had a lake on the Ramsey property, though. It wasn’t too close to the house, but it was an easy ride across the ranch, so sometimes Nolan would ride out there to swim, especially when it was a really hot Oklahoma summer. Quint liked to roll in the shallow part of the lake, which had been a terrible habit at first because he’d do it with his saddle still on. Now Quint knew he had to wait until Nolan had taken his tack off to play in the water. He had swim trunks for that, but they were just open at the bottom of the left leg, which meant people could see the end of his leg stump, and most people got really weird about that. Either they stared because oh Merlin he has one leg, or they went way overboard in avoiding staring because oh Merlin it’s rude to stare at disabled people.

But he couldn’t wear the prosthetic because of the water and the sand, so. Actually he probably could do that, because there were charms that could make the leg impervious to those elements, but Nolan didn’t want to try those. There were a lot of complicated charms on the prosthetic to make it behave like a leg, and sometimes different spells had bad interactions. Like potions ingredients or drugs.

Swim trunks, a short-sleeved shirt with all the buttons undone, and a flip flop made up a beach-appropriate outfit. With that decided, Nolan made his way to the Recreation Center on his forearm crutches. This was the kind of setting that you could sunbathe in, Nolan thought. Even if there wasn’t a sun. He had an impulse to go show Kaye up about it, but she was already talking to Dardanius Dubois. Instead, Nolan grabbed a plate of chicken (two drumsticks and a wing) and sliced mango. He awkwardly maneuvered away from the food table, balancing the plate in one hand.

Nolan leaned the crutches against a wall and found a beach chair, but he came to the quick conclusion that the beach chair was boring. It was too far out of the way of the rest of the partygoers, so Nolan got up and carefully hopped to the water’s edge. He sat down, dangling his foot in the water, and took a huge chomp out of one of the drumsticks.

There was another girl sitting on the edge of the small ocean that Marissa had created in the Rec Center. She had on a pretty bathing suit, but instead of swimming she was reading a book with some, uh, interesting cover art. Nolan debated whether or not to interrupt her and then scooted over toward her, using his arms to move sideways. “So when you heard there was a pool party, were you just like, ‘that sounds like a nice quiet place to do some reading’?” Nolan said when he was sitting next to her on the left side. The redhead gave the younger girl a crooked grin. “Must be a really good book.”

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    Waking up with a nasty pimple on your forehead could really dampen your mood, especially when you had grand plans to attend a beach party. Alena had spent twenty minutes staring longingly at her... more
    • It can’t be that bad - Nolan Ramsey, Sun Nov 26 21:41
      • It's starting to get better - Alena, Tue Nov 28 13:38
        Alena made a point of staring at her book, flipping the page over with a touch of aggression. Didn’t they know it was rude to bother people when they were reading? She thought about telling him ‘I’m... more
        • I hope I had something to do with that - Nolan, Wed Nov 29 13:25
          For a second he thought the girl was going to tell him to buzz off. Nolan decided after a moment of thinking that that’d be pretty unfair of her. Like, yeah, she did look a little busy reading her... more
          • Maybe a little - Alena, Tue Jan 2 14:17
            Alena had heard the Ramsey name before, she wasn’t sure where but she knew it was an important one so she was probably not supposed to be rude to Nolan Ramsey. Alena didn’t like being rude to anyone... more
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