Explosions imminent
Mon Nov 27, 2017 07:03

Russell was an odd sort of character. He wore sunglasses around the school, which, she had gathered, had something or other to do with some weird vision thing, but she wore regular glasses anyway, so it wasn’t like she was going to judge him for wearing something that made him be able to see better. She had thought, at the start of the year, that he was sometimes maybe a bit grubby-looking, and she had definitely seen a mouse poking out of his hair on more than one occasion, but he seemed to be sort of… well, cleaner, these days. Neater, definitely. He also wore lots of bright clothes, which Myffi respected. She liked to be colourful, herself, even though she was essentially just wearing blue and white right now, the laces on her shoes were at least all different rainbows colours. Russell was not quite so colourful right now as he sometimes was, but his t-shirt was funny.

Myffi had to wait for Russell to swallow his mouthful of sandwich before he replied. She frowned at the food but didn’t say anything. While she did want to educate her peers about what they put into their bodies, and the effect their food choices had on the planet, she didn’t think that a party was the best place for it. Anyone who came to her AgriClub had already heard Myffi praise the many merits of organic food and a vegan diet, but she hadn’t gone as far as to specifically draw attention to all the damage the human race was causing world wide by unnecessary practises in food growth, and choices in consumption. She’d bet her swimwear that nothing on the snack table was vegan or organic. Luckily she was used to this discrimination by now, and so with her glasses case, wand, and small towel, Myffi had thrown a bag of snack-jacks, some organic carrot sticks and a pesticide-free apple into her bag before leaving her dormitory.

“I don’t think it’d be any less safe than playing snap,” she laughed at his reply. The cards were going to explode anyway, no matter what you did with them. Besides it was totally just a charm, because they reassembled themselves soon afterwards, and there was one old pack right at the pack of the cupboard that Myffi had used before, which just sort of smoked and squeaked a bit instead of actually exploding, which definitely was proof that it was just a charm wearing off. It wasn’t like it was an actual explosion that was going to hurt them or anything. Anyone who’d ever played exploding snap would know that. Oh, except maybe Russell hadn’t, and that’s why he didn’t know. “Oh are you a Muggleborn?” she asked, guessing that was why he’d never heard of exploding cards, and seemed like it was a dangerous thing to be playing with. “So like, these cards are exploding snap cards,” she explained patiently, “but instead of playing snap with them, I’m going to build a card tower and see how tall I can get it before it explodes. It’s totally safe,” she reassured, him, fanning the cards on the table in front of her so he could see that they were just normal-looking cards, not coated with dynamite or anything. Not that Myffi thought she would knew what dynamite looked like when it wasn’t all in a red stick with a fuse poking out like in a cartoon.

“You can get another pack and race me, if you like,” she suggested. She wasn’t really all that competitive usually, but if another person was going to be joining in then they had to figure out some way of making it into a game, and games usually had an element of competition. “Or you can just help me, if you want,” she said with a shrug. The fifth year took up two cards and carefully balanced them against each other to make a triangle with the table as its base. Russell would probably want to finish his sandwich before he did anything with the cards, anyway, as it was going to be tricky to do anything one-handed.

Myffi repeated her first build, placing the same structure carefully next to it, then balanced one more card horizontally on top of the points of the two triangles. “Like that,” she said to Russell, in case he’d never even tried making a house of cards before, either. Muggles did have packs of cards, obviously, but not everyone did the same games and things when they were growing up. Like even though Muggles and wizards had chess, and Myffi had grown up with a wizard father and Muggle mother, she still didn’t know how to play chess.

  • Good luck making it through unscathed - Russell Drew, Fri Nov 24 22:51
    The first thing that Russell did upon entering the Rec Centre was take a step back outside. Just to check that the piles of sand weren’t his imagination and the hallway was indeed still covered with... more
    • Explosions imminent - Myfanwy, Mon Nov 27 07:03
      • Always painfully aware of how other people were reacting to his presence, Russell immediately noticed the face that Myffi had directed towards him. Er, his sandwich, specifically. He could come up... more
        • So will you? - Myffi, Tue Dec 12 01:57
          Russell confirmed her guess that he was Muggleborn, and Myffi offered a smile and a nod that perhaps reflected her internal ‘Ha, I was right,’ - admittedly it hadn’t been an especially tricky problem ... more
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