How about waves instead?
Mon Nov 27, 2017 10:21

“Oh, there’s a shallow end!” Drew said with enthusiasm. He pointed at the part of the pool that normally had steps. The stairs were now a sandy incline down into the water. “Yeah, Marissa and Rose put waves and salt and sand in it, but it’s still the pool.” At least Drew was assuming that Rose had helped, because she had been at the party already when he arrived. If he was being honest, Drew would bet that Rose had done most of the complicated magic. Marissa was good at a lot of things, but he knew from seeing Aaron grade papers that Rose was the best at Spellwork out of probably anyone else in Marissa’s year.

Drew was pretty sure he wasn’t the best at anything in his year. Huburt was really good at writing papers, apparently, and Drew was like, medium good at wanded stuff. He liked making potions, but he didn’t think he really stood out at that. Drew had also recently joined Rocky Voices, and he liked doing that a lot. He’d written a couple of humor columns about the Houses. Jacob Early had liked the articles and told Drew he should stay on to write other things, so he had.

Normally he would invite Kit to do any extracurricular with him because she was his best friend, but writing for a newspaper didn’t seem like Kit’s thing. You had to focus and work on the same thing for a little while and do research and meet deadlines to write for Rocky Voices, and none of those were Kit’s strong suits. So he’d mentioned that he was doing the paper to Kit and made sure she read his columns (the ones about the Houses were mostly bullet points, which worked pretty well with Kit’s attention span), but he hadn’t told her she should write articles too or anything like that.

“I can show you how to stay above water. Or you can stay in the shallow part or find a floatie. I think Marissa put some inner tubes and water wings somewhere,” Drew said. Bobbing in the pool waves wasn’t the kind of position that let him see the rest of the Rec Center, so he might be wrong, but providing floatation devices sounded like the kind of thing Marissa would do.

“And you can probably stand in liiiike a third of it anyway,” he guessed, not totally sure how tall Remington was. She was probably close to his height, or maybe a little taller. Drew was only four-foot-nine right now, so he couldn’t stand in most of the pool, but it wasn’t too hard to tread water or stay on the perimeter. Dad said that he was probably going to have a growth spurt soon. Drew really hoped so. His dad was six feet tall and Aaron was even taller than that, and Drew didn’t want to be the shortest. Not that Dad’s height contributed to how tall Drew was going to be, but it mattered. He didn’t know how tall his biodad had been, but Dad was pretty tall and it would be a huge bummer if Drew ended up shorter than Madeleine. Jessie was tallish, but maybe (hopefully) Drew would get Aaron’s height and his little sister wouldn’t.

“Here, I can meet you over there and you can come in,” Drew added, with another gesture at the shallow end of the pool. Then he noticed her outfit, which was definitely not a bathing suit. Drew wasn’t totally sure what it was. It was kind of like a dress, but the bottom of it was shorts instead of a skirt. Drew was pretty sure he hadn’t seen other clothes like that, except maybe overalls, but this was definitely fancier than overalls and didn’t have straps.

He didn’t get why someone would come to the beach a beach party in anything but a swimsuit, but there did seem to be a few other people who were wearing other things. Marissa’s friend Holland Keene was maybe one of the most clothed people there, and they were talking to Marissa’s Very Not Friend Ruben Lundqvist, who was definitely the least clothed party attendee. Like, jeez. Drew had thought that he had a good amount of self-confidence for an average twelve-year-old. He couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be as confident as Ruben was.

“Oh, um. If you want to get wet, I mean,” he said, a little awkwardly. “If you have a swimsuit, that might be a good idea. Not that I’m telling you what to wear,” Drew added before she could jump to that wrong conclusion. It was rude to say not-positive things about other peoples’ outfits unless they asked you to. Especially girls’ “I mean your um, dress thing looks good. If the water will mess it up then maybe it’s a bad idea to come in.” She also had a fancy bow in her hair, as always, which Drew figured wouldn’t take to the water very well either, but she could come into the pool without getting her hair wet if she wanted, so he didn’t say that.

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    • How about waves instead? - Drew, Mon Nov 27 10:21
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