What might you say?
Mon Nov 27, 2017 16:29

Normally Danny wouldn’t try to engage Kaye - under any circumstances - but it was a party and Danny was in a good mood. Good enough even to voluntarily socialize with his least favorite fifth year (which was saying a lot - he only really liked Emmett out of the entire year group). The baby project before midterm had maybe helped in them getting along better (or maybe not better, but less terribly than usual); partly because Danny had generously had Patience five nights a week, and partly because he’d found Kaye asleep holding the fake baby a couple of times and she’d said she was fine. Then she’d been in hospital over midterm and obviously was not fine, so Danny had passively implied she was a liar, and she’d gotten cranky, so he walked away, but then she was almost nice about it afterwards. Or less obnoxious than usual, anyway. Still, it wasn’t like they were on anything even remotely close to friendly terms. Concordantly he hadn’t expected her to consider the volleyball idea for more than a tenth of a second - especially in those indescribable heels - but he hadn’t imagined her response would be quite so openly hostile.

She told him to shut up and move over. Before he’d had time to formulate even half a retort, it became apparent that Kaye was going to sit there whether Danny moved or not. He did move. Hastily. Conversation with Kaye was awkward enough at the best of times. He did not need to be touching her.

Except now Kaye was sitting in his seat, and he was prevented from enjoying the luxury of walking away because she’d already drawn him in by the introduction of an ‘important’ question. Danny doubted it had any real significance - in fact he imagined Kaye had merely thought of some new way of teasing him into discomfort - but he could stand to let her ask him a question. He sighed dramatically, grabbed a different beach chair - yellow stripes, this time - and swung it to around sixty degrees from the green chair, so he could still talk to Kaye but also he could see the ocean pool, and Marissa, and several other people who’d started to cluster on the temporary beach. “What’s this important question?” he asked, casually surveying the current occupants of the rec center. He’d already looked for longer than was appropriate at Kaye’s footwear, but that was definitely more acceptable than looking at anywhere else on her person. He was starting to think maybe this beach party idea hadn’t been all that well thought-out afterall.

“I’m hot, right?” What now? Danny’s head snapped back to look at Kaye faster than he’d have believed possible. She had either read his mind or this was a very new, very strange way of making him uncomfortable - one of Kaye’s most noticeable and most repellent talents - and it worked like a charm. Danny couldn’t help it; he looked at her. From her ridiculous heels, to the black one piece with bits that were virtually see-though (arguably redundant on a garment that left so little to the imagination even when entirely opaque), up to the scarlett slash of her lips. He was very careful not to look at her eyes, however, as he cleared his throat.

As Kaye kept saying words, something about being a manic pixie, or a dream-witch, or whatever, Danny looked at the other party guests, desperate to be looking anywhere but at Kaye. Instinctively he sought out Marissa, sexy and vibrant and definitely very hot. He wondered whether she would be concerned that he’d just given Kaye a lot more than a passing glance. He wondered if she would be bothered by whatever his instinctive reaction to Kaye’s question might be, and if so, if she’d feel more negativity towards Kaye for asking the question or Danny for answering it.

This felt like a trap. Surely Danny was the absolute last person to be validating Kaye on whether or not she was hot. He didn’t even like her. Maybe a little bit, deep, deep down, under all the layers of confusion, distrust and reprehension, but not enough to have this sort of conversation. She should probably be asking Ruben, because they obviously tolerated each other enough to spend a reasonable amount of time in each other’s company. Danny didn’t know what their deal was, and he literally did not care, except that if he told Kaye she wasn’t hot, and Kaye told Ruben, he might make it an issue. Conversely, if Danny told Kaye she was hot, and Kaye was in fact seeing Ruben, that might also be an issue. That would be really inconvenient, because he was actually sort of okay with Ruben right now. The guy was obviously a tool, but the fact that he’d looked after Claudia when she’d fainted, and sent for Danny straight away, almost counterbalanced him causing his sister to faint in the first place. He’d had a word with Ruben about not making death threats to younger students (or anyone, if he could help it), and suggested to Claudia maybe she should lay off taunting Ruben (honestly he was surprised his sister had the courage to speak to Ruben at all, let alone say anything about attacking his brother. He didn’t know what had gotten into her lately).

His thoughts led him to glance at Ruben, which, wow, that was unnecessary. Sure, Danny liked to strip his shirt off as much as the next guy, but the other sixth year wasn’t wearing much below his torso, either. He felt some flicker of amusement, but he almost missed it under the unanticipated irritation the sight instilled. It was hard to place why the Aquila’s lack of clothing bothered Danny. Maybe it was just because he knew Claudia was coming, or, on a similar vein, maybe he just didn’t think it was appropriate with all the younger students around. Although, Ruben was by a pool, and he was wearing legitimate swimwear, so that was hardly an argument. Maybe it was because Ruben was talking to Holland. That coupling had never been agreeable to Danny, even when he hadn’t known Ruben very well (but his and Emmett’s concerns about Ruben had been proved reasonable, so at least Danny felt vindicated in that regard), yet even though they’d broken up last term, every time he saw them together he felt twitchy. He wondered if the sight was having the same effect on Kaye.

Oh, right, Kaye. In the second he’d looked away and enjoyed a fleeting ride on that train of thought, Danny had been wondering how in Merlin’s name he was supposed to answer the question she had posed. Then by the time he was not staring at Ruben, and ended up staring at Holland instead as a consequence, Kaye was saying, “I’m hot and could totally seduce you if I wanted, right?” She turned to look at him, and Danny cleared his throat for a second time.

“I am pretty sure you are messing me, because that is just how this,” he pointed his index finger at himself, then Kaye, and back again a couple of times, “works.” His eyes accidentally flickered down again, but he hauled them right back up. He tried valiantly to keep his expression neutral, but one corner of his mouth exasperatingly twitched upwards, and Danny thought he’d better try and take hold of the situation before Kaye tried to interpret his treacherous expression for herself. “You couldn’t seduce me,” he said, plainly, “because your personality is repugnant.” He delivered it as though it were a compliment. “But yes, okay, you’re hot.” There, he’d said it. “I mean, you have seen a mirror, I presume?” He tried to appear like this conversation was as idle as discussing the weather, despite how unnerving it was to tell someone who quite frequently went out of her way to make his life difficult that he found her physically attractive.

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