Can't really chill when I'm this hot
Mon Nov 27, 2017 22:44

Holland seemed equally unimpressed with the chair. Their immediate refusal didn’t exactly come as a surprise to Ruben, but was still amusing enough that he cracked up in response. Teeth flashing, shaking his head a bit, he turned a critical eye back towards the chair. “Ja. Probably a more safe choice.” He flapped a hand dismissively at the oversized pineapple that was possibly just a cushion and more likely a spiked torture device. Well, a pretty minor torture device - impaling wasn’t the worst injury one could be on the receiving end of. And also a pretty bizarre one since, well, what kind of torture chamber would have fruit-shaped implements of terror?

Though perhaps the whole bizarro factor was a good enough reason to equip a torture chamber with fruits. Diversion tactics and all.

“So are you trying to make the cover of Witch Weekly’s swimsuit edition?”

“What, are there photographers here?” he returned immediately, a smirk tugging at his lips as he began playfully striking a variety of poses. His towel was a useful prop while he rotated between hands on hips, a Herculean fist raised, bicep curl, bent arm behind the head. Ruben was only vaguely familiar with fashion magazines, which was credited almost exclusively to the phase Dagny and some of her friends had gone through when they were in their early teens, but his understanding of the photography style in fashion was that it involved a lot of carefully, forcibly casual poses that were basically identical to the poses on Muggle action movie posters. Minus the guns and cars and leather clothes… well, the clothes part, at least. Because leather was apparently sexy, if the media was to be believed. He wasn’t entirely opposed to the idea, but still thought it was stupid. Streetwear was one thing, but what kind of person would voluntarily pull on leather only to hop in bed and get a partner’s help to wrestle out of it again? That didn’t seem like it would help the mood.

He pulled a final pose, which involved literally pulling his towel straight behind his back, arms extended and shoulders firming up in their own tug-of-war, and then spontaneously loosened his grip. The freed end of the towel flicked down, striking the ground to make a small spray of sand. That had been unintentional, but Ruben was good at rolling with things and used a subsequent flick of the wrist to draw it back up and over his arm. Kind of. Took a bit of shuffling, but he thought the end result felt smooth enough to be smug about. “But actually,” he continued to Holland, “no, the model life is not for me. Though I am flattered you think me suitable for it.” Ruben said it teasingly, and caught himself by surprise to realize that he didn’t just feel flattered, but also… happy. Not just because he had caught them looking at him, either. So then why? It was nice to be chatting with them again, but he hadn’t expected ‘happy’ to come out of it so quick. Huh.

“This,” he gestured broadly at himself, welcoming the attention with a mix of ‘this is worth admiring’ (accurate) and ‘this is totally normal’ (also accurate), “is more for aerodynamics. Swimming, or volleyball, whatever. Speed is preferable. And, you know, we dress much the same for glíma matches. Or I should say, we un-dress much the same.” Ruben laughed again. Also a joke, also true. Sparrers didn’t wear much. “Now, let me see, you are dressed more for… a beach picnic?” he guessed. “Both very comfy, and very classy, ja? You look good.” Holland was more dressed up, or dressed, period, than some of the attendees here, but he couldn’t deny it worked for them.

  • I dare you to chill a little - Holland, Sun Nov 26 17:53
    Holland was less than thrilled when Marissa said that her next party would be beach-themed. Holland was not, overall, opposed to the beach. They didn’t have strong feelings about sand either now that ... more
    • Can't really chill when I'm this hot - Ruben, Mon Nov 27 22:44
      • Even with a chill pill? - Holland, Tue Nov 28 22:55
        Having known Ruben for over a year now, Holland should have been able to predict that their comment would give him an excuse (not that he often waited for excuses for most behavior) to strut around.... more
        • Ruben prided himself on his ability to turn heads. Both in terms of physical superiority (admittedly his most recent act of enforced head-turning wasn’t too noteworthy, as it had only resulted in Kit ... more
          • I have no objections to that - Holland, Wed Dec 6 18:07
            “ High praise, coming from you. I will treasure the memory of it. ” This was flirting. This was totally flirting and Holland had to decide what to do with that while they blushed a little more. There ... more
            • I have an objection - Dardanius Dubois, Fri Dec 8 16:28
              Kaye actually took his hand, which was definitely a surprise. Of course by now he should have learned not to have any expectations when it came to Kaye, but old habits die hard. He helped her out the ... more
              • Whatever is there to object to? - Ruben, Sat Dec 9 22:32
                Holland accepted the ball from him, and provided the excellent reassurance that volleyball was more about hitting than throwing. “Ja, I am, thank you.” Ruben’s grin widened as he matched their pace... more
                • I don’t see anything objectionable here - Holland, Mon Dec 11 11:38
                  The first time he got it wrong, Holland patiently corrected Ruben’s serving stance. Not that they were that much of an expert on volleyball, but they had played the sport and Ruben had not. The... more
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