Sorsha Nolan
I guess we can just add you to the pool of people playing
Wed Jan 18, 2017 00:46

Sorsha, despite her airheaded reputation, had astounding focus when she put her mind to it. When it came to beating Justin Alderman at pool, well, that was something she had pinpointed as important in her life. Since her fifth year, she’d taken it upon herself to beat the older boy whenever she could. Of course, his temperament left much to be desired, but that didn’t mean that the Lyra didn’t find him damn attractive. In any case, Sorsha would never really understand how the two of them had gotten into this continual battle, but it was something that she enjoyed quite a bit.

They didn’t really play for anything, although there was an occasional bet or dare attached to it. This time though, there was money on it. Alderman definitely wasn’t the type to put up with her, but Sorsha still managed to ruffle the Aquila’s pride to the point where he couldn’t back down. And now, she had him backed into a corner. If the attractive male could be frazzled, the Lyra was pretty sure this was it. They were nearing the end of the game and Sorsha had pretty much set the table up how she wanted it to be.

“Stuck Alderman?” She teased, taking in the delightful scowl that lit the older male’s face as he took -and missed – a shot at the left corner pocket. Admittedly, they’d been at it for awhile, having some free time off allotted for more than one game. A game or so ago, a younger student had started watching them. Sorsha had kept an eye out for the kid, pretty sure that he was a first year in Lyra. If she wasn’t mistaken, she’d seen him around the common room once or twice.

A couple of turns later and Sorsha was practically beaming at Justin Alderman as he continued to scowl at her, tossing his pool stick aside and heading off, most likely for class. Really, Sorsha thought he had a soft spot for her. Probably not, but a girl could dream. She was about to side aside her own cue when a tap on somewhere on her arm had the Irish girl turning around.

“Can I try? I think I can afford the bet…”

It was the Lyra kid who’d been hovering around the tables. The seventh year gave him a look, not really buying his act. But if the kid wanted to play, she wasn’t going to stop him. “Sure,” she said shrugging and grabbing the pool stick that Alderman had abandoned, offering to the boy. “We can start small if you’d like, just to see how it goes?” Sorsha had a bit of a hunch, but she’d rather play it safe. Besides, she could always hustle Alderman out of house and home later to make up for any losses.

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