How big are the waves?
Tue Nov 28, 2017 19:04

Drew was very adamant about getting her in the water. It was sweet. She'd never understood the hype around beaches though. Salt water left your skin feeling weird sometimes, and sand got everywhere. She wouldn't be surprised if some of her dad’s family was still getting sand out of their things after their last beach trip. They were Muggle, though, and had no idea there was a spell for that. Spells were like apps that way. Man, it'd be so cool to study technomancy and develop magical apps. Had anyone broken ground on that yet?

Anyway, the beach. She liked sitting in the sun and reading. That's what she and Mom usually did when they went to Dad’s family reunions. They didn't actually live on the beach, but apparently four hours was close enough for them. Again, they were Muggles, and they weren't lucky enough to apparate. She really liked being a half-blood. It gave her the best of both worlds. Plus, if she went into anthropology like her mom, she'd have so much more experience to work off of.

Right. The beach. Again.

She could probably get in the water if there was a shallow end. The idea made her nervous, but she didn't want to admit that. Swimming was a skill she needed to learn, and it wasn't like Drew was going to force her out into the deep end. He was a good person; he seemed like a nice friend to have. He put up with alllll of Kit, after all. Only a really nice person would be able to do that for so long. She liked the redhead well enough, but she wasn't sure she had the patience to ever be as super close to Kit as Drew was. Especially with her new pet spider around. Remington could seriously do without seeing Darby every time Kit was around. He was certainly fascinating, but he gave her the creeps!

Remington almost blushed when Drew accidentally suggested she change into a swimsuit. She knew that she still had one on under her romper, but he didn't know that. She wasn't entirely sure if the romper itself would be okay if it got wet, and she hadn't thought about asking an older student to charm it so it would be waterproof. Maybe she could, before going to the shallow end with Drew. Everyone she might ask was busy, though. Marissa Kendrick was talking to someone, she couldn't spot Rose after quickly glancing around, Holland was talking to Ruben, and, again, Remington knew she just was not mature enough to talk to him right now.

“I'll meet you down there,” she agreed, smiling despite also wishing she'd brought a book instead. Assuming that Drew would follow her, Remington made her way to the identified shallow end. She still wasn't sure if she wanted to strip down to her swimsuit - although she recognized that at this point there were way more interesting things and people to stare at than how she looked in a bathing suit - and compromised. She rolled the legs of the romper as high as they went and stepped into the water. She shivered a little, surprised at the pleasant temperature of the water, and couldn't help but smile again. She couldn't wait to be this good at magic someday; it must feel amazing to make all of this happen.

This was silly. If she just took off the romper and then walked into the water, she'd be covered up. Plus, Drew was cool and totally wouldn't be thinking about how she looked in her suit. Coming to a decision, Remington stepped out of the water, found a sandy spot to wiggle out of and set down her romper, and quickly, but a little anxiously, waded up to her stomach. She was a little uncomfortable, but this could absolutely be worse.

“If I drown,” she said with a nervous grin, “I'm gonna come back and haunt you.”

  • How about waves instead? - Drew, Mon Nov 27 10:21
    “Oh, there’s a shallow end!” Drew said with enthusiasm. He pointed at the part of the pool that normally had steps. The stairs were now a sandy incline down into the water. “Yeah, Marissa and Rose... more
    • How big are the waves? - Remington , Tue Nov 28 19:04
      • However big you want them - Drew, Sat Dec 9 13:53
        Remington agreed to come into the pool, so Drew made his way to the shallow end of the pool. He had to duck underwater a little to dodge Steven, Susan, and the Reynolds twins, who were playing... more
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