And you are very smart!
Wed Nov 29, 2017 21:01

Even though his attempt at making the sand into a ball had not worked out very well, or at all, the older girl reacted in a positive and smiling way to his question. She claimed it was possible for them to build with sand. Anssi looked skeptically at the pile of loose, not-balled grains in his palm - but only for a moment, because he didn’t want to seem like he was questioning what she had said when obviously she had much more experience with sand than he did. Also because she had not only assured him that building things out of sand was a real activity, but also was now encouraging him to follow her to a more open area to build with her. He might still be skeptical that it would work, but it sounded like fun. And of course he would have gone along even if it didn’t sound like much fun because that was how little kids like him could really learn things from big kids adults like the older girl, but the fact that he thought it sounded fun made it an even easier decision.

Shaking the sand out of his hand, and scrubbing his hand off on his trunks for good measure, Anssi straightened up and obediently padded along beside the older girl. The area that she had pointed them towards seemed to be set up more for playing in the sand than the snacks table had been. The sand was thicker, or at least he assumed so because his sandals were sinking more and slipping around as he walked, and there were some colourful toys scattered around nearby. He paused as they went past something green that was partially buried in the sand. It looked sort of like a… handle? Ducking to give it a quick tug, Anssi was surprised to pull out a miniature shovel. The shovel itself wasn’t too strange, because you could use shovels even when you were building with snow. One year, Dagny had taken him to a park over the Christmas holidays and brought a big shovel along. They picked out a spot in the park together and then she shovelled and shovelled and made a huge pile of snow, which they then burrowed into to try making a snow cave. It had been so neat!

Maybe they could use shovels to build a sand cave, too, although that was where the strange part did come in, because the green plastic shovel he was now carrying with him was tiny. Anssi himself felt tiny a lot of the time, because his siblings and parents were all so much taller than he was, and even at RMI where they were usually divided into classes by their year groups, he still managed to be on the shorter side of average when standing among the other first-years. But the ratio to which he was tiny against other students his age was not really comparable to the ratio to which this sand shovel was tiny against snow shovels and… well, whatever other types of shovels there were. This sand shovel didn’t seem like it could be used to build a cave. So then why did it even exist?

Hopefully he would find out soon, Anssi decided, as the older girl picked a good place for them and sat down. He sat down, sort of beside her but on an angle so that he could watch whatever she would do with the sand. Crossing his legs, he listened curiously to the girl’s explanation. It was while he was listening that he realized his handful of cookies was still full of cookies and opened his fingers to see how intact they were. The answer was ‘mostly’. The chocolate was getting a little mushy now, but that shouldn’t affect the taste. The answer to that question was ‘definitely did not’, and after swallowing one cookie, he immediately popped the other one in his mouth, chewing contentedly.

Oh, wait, she was making water! Anssi craned his neck to see inside the bucket as it filled up. Pushing his new oversized sunglasses higher up on his nose, he scooped up some of the damp sand as the girl had demonstrated, and was pleased (though still very confused) to find out that water had indeed done the trick. This time, his attempt at squeezing it into a ball actually worked. “Wow, it is like magic!” he exclaimed, blonde brows raising and eyes rounded behind the dark lenses. Nodding happily in response to her question, he leaned over to grab the nearest plastic piece and admired its castle-y shape. It looked like a little wall. Anssi began to stuff sand inside and realized immediately that this was a good use of his tiny shovel! “Do you know why is the wet making it stay in a ball?” he asked the older girl while he worked. “And how will it be coming out of this castle? Coming cakes out of a tray is always so messy, so will not the sand be more messy?”

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    This kid was something else. Camilla was instantly melted by the sweetness that oozed from his every pore. He had won her over in a second, though she still had the issue of not really knowing his... more
    • And you are very smart! - Anssi, Wed Nov 29 21:01
      • Why thank you! - Camilla, Thu Nov 30 17:28
        This kid was seriously adorable. Camilla was baffled at the fact that he was related to Ruben. How come this sweet child have Violent Ruben as a sibling? That was just mind blowing, really. The... more
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