Dylan Xavier
Not really dressed for this
Thu Nov 30, 2017 13:28

Dylan frowned doubtfully as one of the fliers (who knew fliers actually flew in the magic world?) landed in his hand and he read that there was a beach party going on. Well, a day on the beach would be a fun reprieve from all the homework he’d been planning for today. He liked sand castles and getting his feet wet and, as it was in the rec center, it probably wouldn’t be too deep or have too many waves, and might be crowded enough to be able to beg off going into the water properly without sounding like a swimaphobe.

He was, in fact, a perfectly adequate swimmer. He had five years of YMCA swim lessons to prove that. Pools were great, he loved pools. He just got a little bit nervous when he couldn’t see the bottom, and lakes and oceans and other such bodies of water that boasted beaches . . . were usually not so crystal clear. And often had stuff living in them, which just made him more nervous.

But this wasn’t a real lake. This was the rec center. So it ought to be fine. Right?

Except wizards were crazy and his opinion on that had just gotten more certain the longer he went to school here. So who knew what kind of monster they might have added because ‘it wouldn’t be a proper lake without one’ - he wouldn’t be remotely surprised to see Nessie sticking her head out of the water when he got there.

So he decided not to go back to his room and see if he’d remembered to pack a swimsuit. He just went as he was, dressed in jeans and a tshirt and sneakers, which was probably a bad plan, but he’d deal with it later. Though he did tuck his school bag into an out of the way spot that hopefully he’d remember later and nobody else would walk off with it in the meantime. But that risk was better than getting sand in all his book bindings.

He arrived and the place was as crowded as he’d guessed it might be. He didn’t see Nessie - yet - but that didn’t mean she wasn’t there. He’d already seen one guy knock another smaller guy into the water, so he decided he may just steer clear of the water’s edge for now.

He saw an older girl - he was still a first year so most everyone was older and bigger than him here - quietly sitting in a corner with a book and decided she was probably safe company. Not quite presumptuous enough to sit down on her blanket, he instead knelt in the sand close by and asked curiously, “Whatcha reading?” Then figuring it was rude not to introduce himself, he added, “I’m Dylan.” He waffled over the decision to include his House with his introduction or not, because being a Draco kind of automatically made him interested in books, so that could help explain his presence in bothering her, but at the same time, you didn’t have to be a Draco to appreciate a good book and he didn’t want to imply otherwise, and ultimately he didn’t add that factoid because he ran out of time before it became too awkward to tack it on.

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    • Not really dressed for this - Dylan Xavier, Thu Nov 30 13:28
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