Why thank you!
Thu Nov 30, 2017 17:28

This kid was seriously adorable. Camilla was baffled at the fact that he was related to Ruben. How come this sweet child have Violent Ruben as a sibling? That was just mind blowing, really. The blonde was enjoying her time with him, but the fact that she still didn't know his name was starting to bothering her. At some point she would need to address him by his name to prevent awkwardness. For now, she let it slide as she watched him start playing with the plastic building accessories they had around them. The Cetus got more comfortable, or as much as she could when one was sitting on sand, and sat down indian style.

“Huh,” she quipped after his question. How did water made sand stick together? That was a question she didn't have an answer to, but her curiosity had been peeked. She would need to ask a Professor, but the one that came to mind was one of her least favorite Professors at RMI, which was one of the reason she had dropped Potions. Maybe the library had the answer. “I actually have no idea,” she responded with a laugh. “But I will look into it and let you know,” she finished with a serious smile adorning her lips.

The blonde watched as the boy continued playing with the wet sand for a minute or so before he asked her another question. Camilla smiled and looked around to find another plastic thing and a shovel. She finally located them near enough to where she was sitting that it just required for Camilla to stretch to the right to be able to acquire them, so she did and a second later she had in her hands another shovel and a plastic wall thingy just like the boy’s.

Camilla began filling the wall thingy with wet sand and every time she put some sand in it, she ended up hitting it gently a couple of times to have the sand get even inside of the thing. She did the process until she was able to fill the thing.

The blonde finally, with a quick motion, placed the plastic thing upwards. She used the shovel to hit gently again in order to make the sand get unstuck evenly. She gave it the final three hits before slowly moving the plastic mold. She smiled as she saw that her wall was perfect. “Ha!” she said happily. “This is how you start building your castle! Piece by piece!”

  • And you are very smart! - Anssi, Wed Nov 29 21:01
    Even though his attempt at making the sand into a ball had not worked out very well, or at all, the older girl reacted in a positive and smiling way to his question. She claimed it was possible for... more
    • Why thank you! - Camilla, Thu Nov 30 17:28
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