"You're a virgin who can't drive."
Fri Jan 20, 2017 17:30

When the obviously disheveled, practically troll looking girl began going into hysterics, Momoka knew exactly how she would handle this. She would scream.

A small, frightened girl doing homework being accosted by the offspring of a werewolf and a house elf? Please. Momoka knew public opinion would be sways towards her, even if that knowledge was buried underneath genuine fear. It wasn’t often that she interacted with the weirdos at RMI -- they were totally creepy, and probably listened to sad things and smelled weird -- and now she actually had a live specimen of a definitively weird girl in front of her.

As she inhaled delicately to shriek, a splash of disgusting dingy water sprayed her pristine robes. Pink mouth slightly agape, Momoka stared almost blankly at the water stain on her robes, and back at the other, taller girl. Momoka, far away, vaguely heard some banshee cries of poetry, and felt the other girl’s hands grab her own slim shoulders roughly. She registered the girl’s ragged, unkempt, bitten nails, her beastly tangled (and obviously dyed) black hair, and large, pretty, clearly seeing blue eyes.

Momoka, by her own account, wasn’t one to anger easily. In fact, by her own accounts, she was an exceptionally intelligent, beautiful, nice-smelling and charming young lady of class, thank you very much. From the tips of her perfectly smooth creamy leather shoes to the last strand of shiny black hair, she was proud of her style, her poise, her refined manners. She wasn’t above brute physical violence, though.

Momoka lunged at the girl, shoving her off of her body, sharp nails digging meanly into the other girl’s shoulders. Her slightly upturned nose wrinkled in anger.

“I can assure you, you will definitely not be ‘alright’.” she snarled, mockery dripping off her imitation of the other girl’s monologue.

Momoka paused, and stared at the girl directly, trying to channel her own mother. Was she laughing?

“Do you think it’s funny? Kind of like how it’s funny your cheap boxed hair dye just shows you’re some nobody try hard who had to pretend to be witch because she wasn’t talented enough to get into RMI?”

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    • "You're a virgin who can't drive." - Momoka, Fri Jan 20 17:30
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