What might you say?
Fri Dec 1, 2017 22:06

Danny moved over so far that he was now in another chair. Kaye decided this was fine, even though she would’ve enjoyed making him really uncomfortable with her close proximity, and made herself comfortable. She kicked off her heels. Ruben thought they were ridiculous, but they made the most sense to wear with what she owned. Besides, she’d never admit if they were hurting her. Sometimes her knees would hurt, and every so often her ankles would get a little swollen, but she looked badass in heels. She wasn’t about to give them up for anything. Plus, she found ways to kick them off and lounge around anyway. She couldn’t help but wonder if the sand on the ground would feel warm, as if the sun really had shined down on it all day.

But she wanted to see Danny’s reaction to her Very Important Question, so she wasn’t going to find out quite yet.

He didn’t want to make eye contact, and he kept looking around. Was he looking for an escape? Carrot Top was busy, and Ruben was – well, she wasn’t going to look over there right now. If Ruben had his way, Kaye knew that he and Holland would be preoccupied with other things. The Aquila didn’t need to see that. She kind of wished she’d talked to someone else, someone available, but it was Danny’s fault anyway. He shouldn’t have said anything to her first. Who the hell wanted to play beach volleyball, anyway? No one.

Kaye knew that she was restless while waiting for his answer. She’d sat down with her back with one leg stretched out and the other pulled close to her chest. It involuntarily bounced up and down, betraying any kind of cool and collected attitude she hoped to get across. Unless she was extremely pissed off (see: Emmett cutting off his hair as if he was supporting some kind of cancer patient), she very rarely had an emotion besides Snarky Badass. It totally wasn’t a front, not at all, she was just that awesome all the time. No front, totally real, and why was Ruben posing like that? She almost rolled her eyes.

“You couldn’t seduce me, because your personality is repugnant.”

“Screw you, I’m a delight,” Kaye cut in, her feelings totally not hurt at all, nope.

He called her hot anyway, which was clearly just him being nice, and that was annoying. You couldn’t just say something like that and then expect someone to take the next compliment seriously. For someone so popular, Danny was kind of dense. She shrugged, avoiding looking over at Ruben and Holland again.

“Fine, so I’m hot, whatever. Clearly no one else thinks so; I’m stuck talking to you. And you’re not gonna kiss me, so.” Kaye’s leg stopped twitching, and she held back a sigh. “Whatever. Come up with a better idea than beach volleyball.”

  • What might you say? - Dardanius, Mon Nov 27 16:29
    Normally Danny wouldn’t try to engage Kaye - under any circumstances - but it was a party and Danny was in a good mood. Good enough even to voluntarily socialize with his least favorite fifth year... more
    • What might you say? - Kaye, Fri Dec 1 22:06
      • Now you're just repeating me - Danny, Sat Dec 2 15:20
        For a brief moment Danny considered arguing that anyone who used ‘Screw you’ as as response to anything could never really be considered ‘a delight,’ but he decided it would be a waste of his breath... more
        • Why did so many people like Danny? He was such a dick. “Obviously I’m not gonna kiss you. Shouldn’t you be asking someone who, you know, actually likes you?” She hadn’t truly disliked Danny until... more
          • You're not wrong - Danny, Fri Dec 8 16:05
            “Whatever.” Kaye pulled a hoodie on, even though it was warm in the rec center, and Danny sighed. It looked as though she was going to leave, and that was fine by him. She seemed in an even weirder... more
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