A sensible man would not stick around here
Fri Dec 1, 2017 23:07

Always painfully aware of how other people were reacting to his presence, Russell immediately noticed the face that Myffi had directed towards him. Er, his sandwich, specifically. He could come up with a variety of things on the spot that he personally might have done to put her off - everything from his hat, obviously dumb for a beach party that was being held indoors, to his swim trunks, which revealed no more than his usual cargo shorts did but still showed the unfortunate sight of his knobbly knees and bony legs, to his bad posture and Californian drawl and the fact that his surname was also a first name - but he couldn’t think of a reason why Myffi might be offended by his sandwich. Unless perhaps she was hungry and wanted him to offer her a sandwich? But he couldn’t exactly offer her his, since he’d already started eating it and that would be unsanitary. Nor could he just walk off to get her a sandwich of her own, since she had initiated something resembling a conversation and it would be rude to leave now.

With no other options available to him, Russell just took another bite, feeling guilty about it the whole way. Chewed guiltily. Swallowed guiltily. It really was a delicious sandwich, thick toasted bread containing sort of a fried chicken patty with lettuce and parmesan and what tasted like a mango-y sauce slathered in between the layers. It was delicious enough that he felt automatically guilty for appreciating its deliciousness. Russell had no idea why the guilt was kicking in, but Myffi had frowned at his sandwich, so obviously something was wrong. All he could do at this point was accept that as a fact and just follow along with it. And hopefully figure out the details on his own later rather than having to go ask her directly about it, thus give away that he had no idea what was going on, because that was never a good plan. No reason to make an enemy of Myffi.

He didn’t like to stereotype, but girls were really weird sometimes. Now was one of those times and he wasn’t sure how to dig himself out of it. Oh dear.

Myffi did not provide him any easy escape, but she did explain more in detail what she had meant about the whole explosions bit, which in turn did not explain much because who in their right minds would intentionally rig a deck of cards to explode? “Yeah, Muggleborn,” he confirmed, and wondered briefly whether this was the source of his confusion (that is, his confusion regarding Snap, not the sandwich guilt-tripping). His wonderings led him to question her, “Do all wizarding games have this danger element? Like, umm, explosions, or whatever else.” That miiiight explain why she had laughed at his very genuine concern about it being an unsafe activity. A slim might, but might nonetheless.

Russell offered a quiet chuckle at her suggestion. “I’m not very competitive,” he admitted. Pulling up a chair, he eyed her deck of cards warily, but sat down in the end, though he didn’t scooch his chair in too close to the table. “Maybe I’ll just watch a bit, if that’s cool? Figure out how this explosion thing works?” Although, sitting and not playing, he very quickly realized, gave him enough motivation to keep eating his sandwich just for the sake of doing something that it almost countered his newfound motivation to never eat sandwiches again out of respect and/or fear - okay, mostly fear - for whatever awful experience Myffi had had with sandwiches. Alas he was still hungry, so guiltily took a couple more bites before speaking up again. “How can you tell when they’re gonna explode? Or, can you?” Gosh, spontaneous unexpected explosions was an alarming prospect. Maybe he shouldn’t have sat down after all.

  • Explosions imminent - Myfanwy, Mon Nov 27 07:03
    Russell was an odd sort of character. He wore sunglasses around the school, which, she had gathered, had something or other to do with some weird vision thing, but she wore regular glasses anyway, so ... more
    • A sensible man would not stick around here - Russell, Fri Dec 1 23:07
      • So will you? - Myffi, Tue Dec 12 01:57
        Russell confirmed her guess that he was Muggleborn, and Myffi offered a smile and a nod that perhaps reflected her internal ‘Ha, I was right,’ - admittedly it hadn’t been an especially tricky problem ... more
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