Now you're just repeating me
Sat Dec 2, 2017 15:20

For a brief moment Danny considered arguing that anyone who used ‘Screw you’ as as response to anything could never really be considered ‘a delight,’ but he decided it would be a waste of his breath and let the comment pass unremarked upon.

Dardanius had literally no idea how to talk to Kaye. This was always true, but never more so than now. He had actually - against his better judgement - told her that she was, in fact, hot, despite her insipid excuse for a personality, and the second he stopped talking, she decided that this information was irrelevant. He agreed in that it didn’t matter to him whether or not she was attractive, considering he usually avoided spending time with her wherever possible, but she was the one who had asked the question, and had in fact stated that it was important. Some people said that girls were confusing, but actually Danny found most girls he knew (Marissa, Rose, Claudia, Camilla) fairly easy to follow. Kaye was a different matter entirely. If her purpose in life was to make him feel like he was failing at every conversation they ever entered into, she had certainly achieved self actualization.

“And you’re not gonna kiss me.” What now? Again? Good Merlin no. Danny wasn’t sure if he was more panic-stricken or repulsed by the notion. He’d rather kiss Russell than Kaye. Just as well he hadn’t been sipping his drink when she’d said that, he probably would have choked to death. He did take a swig from his bottle now, though, because it gave him something to do with his hands, eyes and mouth while his mind re-centered after being forcefully shoved off the rails.

After a beat, it made a bit more sense - as in there was perhaps some vague iota of logic in the fifth year’s sporadic allusions to interpersonal attraction - when he considered that maybe someone - most definitely other than him - also wasn’t kissing Kaye, and that’s where this strange bout of oddly expressed insecurity was coming from. She stopped twitching her leg, which Danny hadn’t even registered she’d been doing until the action was halted; it had fallen into the general background distraction of other movements around them.

Ignoring her suggestion that he think of something to do besides volleyball (partly because he was still keen on playing, but probably not with Kaye, anyway, and partly because he was sort of finding something else to do just by continuing to talk to her. Also partly because if she really didn’t want to talk to him she could get up and move - she was the one who had joined him, after all), Danny leaned fastened the lid back onto his water bottle, leaned back in his chair, and said, “Obviously I’m not gonna kiss you.” He almost wanted to scourgify his own mouth at the thought of it. “Shouldn’t you be asking someone who, you know, actually likes you?” Instinctively he looked at Ruben again, and just as instinctively looked away again because that was really far too much Ruben for his eyes. Holland was a much preferable visual distraction - were they blushing? Danny wasn’t aware that his eyebrows had dipped into a frown. Whatever Ruben and Holland were talking about, if it resulted in Holland blushing, it was not acceptable. Regardless of whether he and Ruben were on reasonably good terms right now, Danny was still vehemently against them getting in any way involved again.

Reluctantly transferring his gaze away from Holland and back onto Kaye, Danny decided that perhaps maybe he did care a teeny tiny bit if Ruben and Kaye were some sort of item (he thought maybe he’d heard Heather chirping on about it but he’d gotten better at starting to tune her out). “Like Ruben?” Now he’d said it, and he was voluntarily interfering with Kaye and/or Ruben’s personal lives, Merlin help him. Still, there was a fair chance Kaye would just assume he was trying to rile her (on this occasion, he actually wasn’t) and he would escape unscathed.

  • What might you say? - Kaye, Fri Dec 1 22:06
    Danny moved over so far that he was now in another chair. Kaye decided this was fine, even though she would’ve enjoyed making him really uncomfortable with her close proximity, and made herself... more
    • Now you're just repeating me - Danny, Sat Dec 2 15:20
      • Why did so many people like Danny? He was such a dick. “Obviously I’m not gonna kiss you. Shouldn’t you be asking someone who, you know, actually likes you?” She hadn’t truly disliked Danny until... more
        • You're not wrong - Danny, Fri Dec 8 16:05
          “Whatever.” Kaye pulled a hoodie on, even though it was warm in the rec center, and Danny sighed. It looked as though she was going to leave, and that was fine by him. She seemed in an even weirder... more
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