At least you're dressed
Mon Dec 4, 2017 14:08

Whilst her fingers were splayed across the cover of the book, her thumb tucked the other side of the spine for a secure grip, and she had moved to withdraw it from her bag, Claudia was not yet reading it, and so the question at her seemed redundant; the first year - who introduced himself as Dylan - didn’t know that she had yet to begin the book in question. “I haven’t started it, yet,” Claudia enlightened him. “It’s a story set in the Salem witch trials.” She had read a couple of other books by the same author about strong-willed witches escaping peril, and had enjoyed them sufficiently to try a third. “I have high hopes for it.”

Dylan was not, thankfully, one of the many among them who had elected to dress in far fewer garments than usual for the occasion, although his jeans and sneakers did scream of a Muggle heritage. Given the circumstances, Claudia couldn’t object to a fully-clothed companion, regardless of his background. “You can sit on the blanket, too,” she offered the invitation as a more comfortable suggestion to the sand on which Dylan was currently settled. “It’s not mine - it was already here,” the third year relinquished any claim on the object.

Although she had certainly developed her skills in communicating with relative strangers (Dylan was hardly a complete stranger, as they had been sharing beginners’ classes since September, but Claudia didn’t know whether she even knew his last name, let alone any more pertinent details about the younger student), she still wasn’t entirely confident in her abilities to do so. In what she hoped would not be interpreted as a nervous gesture, she pulled her dark blonde hair, tied in a loose ponytail, from over her shoulder, letting it drop down to rest along her back, instead. It was now level with her shoulder blades, which was a fairly tiresome length - she couldn’t do anything new with it that she hadn’t been able to do when it had been a couple of inches shorter - but she was still undecided about whether to keep growing it, or to cut it. That was, in some ways, a more difficult decision than wether she should colour it, and which shade to choose, because a hair cut was relatively more permanent (although she’d heard a rumour that Holland coupld perform a hair growing charm, which could certainly prove useful).

“I’ll hazard a guess that you don’t intend on swimming,” Claudia tried making small talk, referecing Dylan’s current attire. It ioccured to her then that he could merely be concealing his swimwear beneath his outer clothes, as she was, but then she had a fleeting mental image of the boy in front of her naked but for his speedos, and she hastened to think of something - anything - else.

  • Not really dressed for this - Dylan Xavier, Thu Nov 30 13:28
    Dylan frowned doubtfully as one of the fliers (who knew fliers actually flew in the magic world?) landed in his hand and he read that there was a beach party going on. Well, a day on the beach would... more
    • At least you're dressed - Claudia, Mon Dec 4 14:08
      • There is that. - Dylan, Tue Dec 5 10:29
        “Ah, cool,” he responded to her description and hopes for the book he’d asked about but which she hadn’t actually started reading yet. He didn’t have much to add to that, since he likewise had never... more
        • I appreciate this fact - Claudia, Fri Dec 8 22:42
          Dylan confirmed he had no intention of swimming, and professed to prefer making sandcastles. Claudia glanced skeptically at the sand. She had enjoyed that particular pastime when she was younger, but ... more
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