There is that.
Tue Dec 5, 2017 10:29

“Ah, cool,” he responded to her description and hopes for the book he’d asked about but which she hadn’t actually started reading yet. He didn’t have much to add to that, since he likewise had never read it either, nor even heard of it. It occurred to him just now that this society he now found himself among probably thought of the Salem witch trials in a very different light than he had previously. He wasn’t quite sure that was an appropriate subject for debate at a beach party though.

Dylan debated the invitation to join the older girl on her (but not hers) blanket. Inertia made a strong case for staying where he was, but politeness (it would be rude to ignore her invitation to clearly superior seating) and the fact he could already feel sand creeping inside his shoes and clothing as only sand could made a stronger argument. So he got up and joined her on the blanket. “Thanks,” he said.

“Nah,” he agreed with her assessment that he had no intention of going swimming today. “Figured it would be too crowded out there, and I prefer building sandcastles anyway. Though I probably should have at least changed into shorts and sandals.” He frowned down at his already sand covered jeans and the beach inappropriate shoes. “That would have been smart,” he added in a tone of self-resentment for his lack of forethought on that point.

“I don’t suppose you know a transfiguration spell for making sandals, do you?” he asked hopefully, remembering abruptly that he was a wizard.

  • At least you're dressed - Claudia, Mon Dec 4 14:08
    Whilst her fingers were splayed across the cover of the book, her thumb tucked the other side of the spine for a secure grip, and she had moved to withdraw it from her bag, Claudia was not yet... more
    • There is that. - Dylan, Tue Dec 5 10:29
      • I appreciate this fact - Claudia, Fri Dec 8 22:42
        Dylan confirmed he had no intention of swimming, and professed to prefer making sandcastles. Claudia glanced skeptically at the sand. She had enjoyed that particular pastime when she was younger, but ... more
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