I have no objections to that
Wed Dec 6, 2017 18:07

High praise, coming from you. I will treasure the memory of it.

This was flirting. This was totally flirting and Holland had to decide what to do with that while they blushed a little more. There was no denying that they were still into Ruben, especially when he was standing in front of them nearly naked. Like they had told Danny, they were dealing with a fairly barren sea at RMI; exactly two people here had ever expressed interest in them, and Ruben was one of them. (The other was Armaan, but he was graduating and had been distant all term, and they hadn’t really been that into each other when they dated in the first place.) Holland was pretty sure dating would never be as easy for them as for their cis friends, but it had been nice being in a relationship where their gender hadn’t been a big deal, or even a capital-C Conversation. They’d decided to break up with Ruben for a few reasons, but Holland’s biggest innate dating-related issue hadn’t been one of them.

Since then, though, Ruben had literally stabbed one of their best friends and slept with another. He’d overall earned a reputation for going around attacking people, and didn’t think that was bad. Holland was okay with exactly none of those things. And according to both Heather and Camilla Reynolds, he was dating Kaye, or at the very least doing something not-platonic with her.

Right. So nothing was going to happen, because Ruben and Kaye were a thing, and Holland wasn’t the kind of person who got in the way of other people’s things. Even if they were low-key interested and Ruben was totally flirting with them and strutting around without clothes.

They cleared their throat and took the volleyball, brushing the sand off the side of it with one navy-manicured hand. “Yeah, there are no bats. But there’s not really throwing in volleyball either,” Holland said, leading the way toward the net. They tried to think of a sport to compare it to—volleyball was sort of like tennis, but with a bigger ball, a higher net, and no racquets—but decided not to say that, because if Ruben wasn’t familiar with volleyball he might not be familiar with tennis either. “It’s mostly hitting, and you’re pretty good at that.”

Holland had only played volleyball last summer, at some Keene relative’s fourth of July party. There were probably official volleyball rules, but Holland just knew the basics. And the house rules, which included if the ball goes over the fence into the yard of the neighbor with the three Rottweilers, your team forfeits because the ball is gone forever. “There’s not much to teach. You hit the ball over the net, the other side hits it back, and if you let it touch the ground then the other side gets a point.” They decided not to explicitly tell Ruben about how to spike a volleyball, in part because they didn’t want to give him that much of an advantage already and in part because he would probably figure it out on his own anyway.

“The only thing you really need to learn is how to serve,” Holland added. “You can either just throw it up in the air and hit it over, or you can hold it and hit it, like this.” Holland demonstrated the latter, holding the volleyball flat on their left hand and hitting it from underneath with their right fist. The volleyball popped up and sailed over the net. Holland summoned the ball back to them and offered it to their ex-boyfriend. “Okay, your turn to try.”

  • Ruben prided himself on his ability to turn heads. Both in terms of physical superiority (admittedly his most recent act of enforced head-turning wasn’t too noteworthy, as it had only resulted in Kit ... more
    • I have no objections to that - Holland, Wed Dec 6 18:07
      • I have an objection - Dardanius Dubois, Fri Dec 8 16:28
        Kaye actually took his hand, which was definitely a surprise. Of course by now he should have learned not to have any expectations when it came to Kaye, but old habits die hard. He helped her out the ... more
        • Whatever is there to object to? - Ruben, Sat Dec 9 22:32
          Holland accepted the ball from him, and provided the excellent reassurance that volleyball was more about hitting than throwing. “Ja, I am, thank you.” Ruben’s grin widened as he matched their pace... more
          • I don’t see anything objectionable here - Holland, Mon Dec 11 11:38
            The first time he got it wrong, Holland patiently corrected Ruben’s serving stance. Not that they were that much of an expert on volleyball, but they had played the sport and Ruben had not. The... more
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