It's easier than answering the question
Thu Dec 7, 2017 22:08

Why did so many people like Danny? He was such a dick.

“Obviously I’m not gonna kiss you. Shouldn’t you be asking someone who, you know, actually likes you?”

She hadn’t truly disliked Danny until this moment – and, really, she wasn’t sure how much she hated him right now. There was a lot going on; Danny just happened to be the closest person to take it out on. Plus, he apparently didn’t even like her, so what did it matter, anyway? She nearly scoffed when the Lyra suggested she talk to Ruben about this. Was he blind? Kaye glanced over at Holland and Ruben again. Clearly, Ruben was still head over heels for them. It’d be pointless to bring it up. Kaye knew where she placed in that contest. It really sucked to like someone this much and not know much about how they felt about you. She just knew enough to be bothered by how genuinely he was currently flirting with Holland.

“Whatever.” She sat up, deciding that she wanted to leave. There was no point in sticking around. Ruben and Holland were talking, Nolan (who was really fun to mess with) was talking to someone, Emmett was somewhere doing Emmett-y things, and Mave was nowhere to be found. Everyone worth talking to was already talking or not there, and she didn’t want to talk to Danny anymore.

She reached into the bag she brought with her and took out Ruben’s hoodie. If she wasn’t already annoyed and a little upset, she would’ve been delighted to realize the lighter was in the pocket; accidental steals were the best steals. Instead, she put it on, noticed, and it made her feel even worse. God, this was stupid.

“Actually, you know what?” Kaye turned her head back to Danny. Sucked to be him. “My personality isn’t repugnant,” who the hell used that as their first choice adjective, anyway? “It’s proactive, okay? At least this way, people aren’t… I was picked on a lot, before here.”

Before, when the alopecia happened, it was like her blood was in the water and everyone around turned out to be sharks. It was like everyone could just tell something was weird, different, off, and they had to say something about it. An understatement, really. Kids would whisper to each other on the playground, and when it was time to line up, no one would stand by her. Every time she tried, the other kids would shriek about Packman Germs and run off, giggling. That was just start of it, but it was somewhat creative and stung the most.

“And no matter how old you get, people seem to just keep sucking.” At her old school, there was a group of girls who really loved to give her a hard time. They’d gotten into several arguments, caused each other to earn a few detentions, but it came to a head when the leader of the pack, Morgan, decided to out the fact that she wore wigs. She did this by using a levitation charm to lift Kaye’s wig off of her head in the middle of the cafeteria. She’d only known about the wig because, at first, Kaye and Morgan had been friends. There was a slumber party, blah blah blah, an argument, whatever, the point was that Morgan decided to do something awful. Kaye remembered feeling some kind of stone cold, icy, upset feeling that travelled from her chest into her stomach as she walked in her heels across the cafeteria of the magical charter school and punched Morgan right in the face. The wig fell to the ground on the other side of the room, Morgan sported a broken nose after a few more hits, and her dads started looking for a new school that night.

It was worth getting suspended over.

“Not everyone is like Holland or Emmett or Ruben. People suck and at least this way, it’s not as easy for them to treat you like crap,” Kaye stared daggers into Danny before looking back over to Ruben and Holland, who had moved to the volleyball net. She took a shaky breath and wiped at her eyes, which totally stung from the weird fake sunlight happening in here (and not because her blue eyes were glistening with the ghosts of her past, they’d never do that). Her makeup stayed in place, and she shoved her hands back into the pockets of Ruben’s hoodie. Sounding somewhere between tired, sad, and resigned, Kaye sighed and asked, “Do you still want to play your stupid game or not? Looks like you have other players.”

  • Now you're just repeating me - Danny, Sat Dec 2 15:20
    For a brief moment Danny considered arguing that anyone who used ‘Screw you’ as as response to anything could never really be considered ‘a delight,’ but he decided it would be a waste of his breath... more
    • It's easier than answering the question - Kaye, Thu Dec 7 22:08
      • You're not wrong - Danny, Fri Dec 8 16:05
        “Whatever.” Kaye pulled a hoodie on, even though it was warm in the rec center, and Danny sighed. It looked as though she was going to leave, and that was fine by him. She seemed in an even weirder... more
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