Rose Farnon
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Fri Dec 8, 2017 09:09

Rose was exhausted.

Helping Marissa with parties was something that Rose had done for most of her time at RMI. Marissa was the one that liked to put together social events; Rose was just in it because Marissa liked it so much. Sometimes she had fun, but the older Rose got the more she realized that parties weren’t really her thing. She preferred small, social events with just her friends rather than a large group. Admittedly, Rose’s friend group wasn’t exactly small, but it was still smaller than inviting literally the entire school, which is what Marissa had done for the beach party. Which was fine. A beach party was good for everyone, rather than the sleepover party where it would have been awkward to have younger students around. But despite Rose being used to helping to put together parties with Marissa, this particular party had required a lot of magic and a lot of magic left Rose really tired.

Shifty had helped. For a poltergeist, Rose figured, he wasn’t bad. There was some mischief that he got up to but nothing more than your average Aquila, so Rose couldn’t really complain. He had been useful in getting things together for this particular party, using his - abilities (Rose wasn’t sure if it was magic or not, she hadn’t really studied poltergeists) to do the things that were beyond Rose or Marissa. Rose’s wand skills had improved since the last party they’d done that required a lot of decoration, but even with Shifty’s help, by the time they were done, Rose was too tired to want to do anything but go back to bed. Her lack of interest in staying at the party wasn’t assisted by the fact that she only owned one-piece swimsuits. Swimming for conditioning was a lot different than messing around in a pool for fun, and Rose wasn’t great at messing around in a pool for fun.

She had compromised with a pair of black shorts and sunny yellow crop-top. It meant that she probably wasn’t getting in the pool, but no complaints. Rose would stay around for long enough that Marissa probably wouldn’t be upset by her leaving, and then she would head out and take a nap. Do some Spellwork homework. Something more like her normal Saturday routine. In the meantime, Rose headed towards the snacks. On her way over, she was paused by someone talking to, what it appeared like, her. It was one of the younger kids, a third year or fourth year Rose was pretty sure.

“Uh, yeah,” she said, pushing her dark blonde hair back. “It was definitely one of the trickier ones to put together, anyway. Shifty Eyes helped though.”

  • No business like beach business - Brynjolf Nilssen, Fri Dec 1 21:15
    Bryn had absolutely no intention of leaving his bed. If there was anything that he had to do, it could wait until tomorrow. It was a weekend and there were a heap of papers near the foot of his bed... more
    • Are you looking for a business partner? - Rose Farnon, Fri Dec 8 09:09
      • What kind of business are you suggesting? - Brynjolf, Wed Dec 20 10:00
        Grey eyes opened slowly as Bryn turned his head just slightly to address whoever it was that had heard him. Rose Farnon stood a few feet away from him, looking like she definitely didn’t want to be... more
        • Rose didn’t have time to feel smug about the compliment about the party (she knew it was brilliant but it didn’t hurt to hear it from somebody else) because out of the corner of her eye she saw her... more
          • No show, no business I suppose - Bryn, Fri Dec 29 17:15
            Bryn couldn’t say he was scared of many people. Perhaps his mother, when brandishing a spoon, and occasionally Professor Blair. Scratch that, Professor Blair always scared him. And so it was when... more
            • No business is good business - Rose, Tue Jan 2 17:51
              Oh right, Bryn. Or apparently fully, ‘Brynjolf’. Rose mentally stored that on her list of really stupid names that people had given their kids. Brynjolf. What, was he some sort of Viking? No wonder... more
              • It really didn’t surprise Bryn that Rose didn’t remember his name or his face for that matter. Really, he might have been more freaked out if she did know who he was. Outside of the four classes that ... more
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