Questioning Questions
Sat Jan 21, 2017 07:41

When she said she was an Aquila, it suddenly dawned on him that she was the Captain and probably Head Chaser of the Aquila Quidditch team. He had sent many a bludger at her through the years. The seventh year was super glad he hadn’t called her by the wrong name, that would be embarrassing.

“Yeah, you and Nick are always together. It’s hard to get a moment alone with him to talk about dance. We take classes at the same studio on Pearl Street.” Marissa said and Frankie nodded. He had Nick talk about Marissa before when they were a bit younger, Frankie had been jealous of her, but those feelings had been long gone now.

“Oh! Nick talks about you all the time!” Frankie said with a smile. “As for a moment alone with him, there’s no sign that says you can’t come hang out with us. We aren’t usually talking about anything important. Usually, Quidditch and I know you could join in on that.” Frankie knew Nick, and he could be a bit exclusive, but it wasn’t like they’d turn anyone away they just didn’t ask people to join, usually.

“So what kind of dance do you take?” The black haired boy asked. He knew Nick took a few different classes so he figured Marissa would too.

  • Discussing discussions! - Marissa, Mon Jan 16 11:31
    It was nice that, even though their student body was smaller than most schools she knew of, Marissa could still have a conversation with someone she didn’t know. Getting to know people was one of her ... more
    • Questioning Questions - Frankie, Sat Jan 21 07:41
      • Answering answers! - Marissa, Sun Jan 22 14:12
        Marissa couldn’t help but think about Quidditch for a moment while in the pool. She’d held team bonding things in the Rec Center, but it might be a good idea to hold an actual training session in the ... more
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