You're not wrong
Fri Dec 8, 2017 16:05

“Whatever.” Kaye pulled a hoodie on, even though it was warm in the rec center, and Danny sighed. It looked as though she was going to leave, and that was fine by him. She seemed in an even weirder mood than usual, and Danny really didn’t know how to handle her at the best of times. He uncrossed his ankles and placed both his feet on the floor, preparing to stand up and walk away, too - probably he’d go see if Holland wanted to play volleyball, seeing as they were now holding a ball. Not that Danny was checking up on them or anything. Of course if Dardanius ended up playing with Holland, and Kaye decided to vent her frustrations on Ruben instead, then that was definitely a preferable scenario to allowing unintentionally observing from a distance the ex-couple’s continued flirtations.

Then Kaye wasn’t done after all. Apparently she wanted to argue about his description of her personality. No, there was more, about her being picked on before RMI. Wait why was she telling him this? Danny refrained from sighing loudly again. He knew that Kaye had been ill over the holidays, he knew that she’d worn wigs before that, but she’d never seemed like the sort of person who wanted pity. He figured she wasn’t simply telling him her personal secrets because she wanted him to feel bad for her. So what then? Did she think he was picking on her? Okay he called her repugnant and in a roundabout way indicated that he didn’t like her, which maybe he should perhaps not have done, but he had tried being nice to Kaye, and she just mocked him for it.

“And no matter how old you get, people seem to just keep sucking,” she said. Danny did not agree. Mostly he liked everyone. The two people he didn’t really include in this generalisation were the two Aquila transfers, and not without good reason. One of them had an extensive list of reprehensible qualities and behaviours, including making a reasonable effort at breaking his jaw, permanently scarring him with a stabbing curse, spreading what he did with Marissa around the school, attacking Camilla, making death threats to his sister, and just generally being an ass.

The other exception was sitting next to him, accusing other people of sucking. Kaye swore at, was rude to, and insulted Danny. She made fun of Marissa where he could hear her. She always touched the food on his plate, even though (probably because) he’d told her that he really didn’t appreciate that. She repeatedly stole from her roommate, she’d yelled at Emmett, and was actually friends (at least? If she was more than that with Ruben, then why was he making Holland blush? Was that why Kaye was so grouchy and asking him about kissing and stuff? Whatever, Danny was expressly not getting any further into that. He had already made one comment about it too many) with the first exception. In short, he didn’t feel like Kaye was in a position to complain about how people behaved to her.

“Not everyone is like Holland or Emmett or Ruben," Kaye said. Danny literally couldn’t think of any common factor between the three of them, except for them each tolerating Kaye’s company. “People suck and at least this way, it’s not as easy for them to treat you like crap,” she said, and she was glaring at him like she wanted to inflict pain. As usual he had no clue what was going through Kaye’s mind, but he was not going to be admonished for treating her like crap - in her words - when he had always behaved to her at least as well, if not better, as she had towards him. At the pancake party he’d offered to fetch her food; in the baby project he’d had Patience five nights out of every week; at the Opening Feast, when she didn’t want to sit on the floor, he’d transfigured her a seat, and when she asked just now he had conceded her hotness, even when he was half-convinced she’d use it against him.

He’d been about to tell her so when she wiped her eyes on that hoodie that he was pretty sure belonged to Ruben. Merlin damn it all, what was going on with this girl? He wasn’t friends with Kaye, true enough, but he didn’t actually dislike her. He found her abrasive and difficult to talk to, like she was always ready for a fight, but - stealing from people aside - she didn’t seem like a bad person. He wasn’t going to ignore the fact that she was obviously upset, but he didn’t know what to say or do to help. After a moment of awkward silence, she saved him the trouble of answering by drawing his attention back to volleyball… and to Holland and Ruben, who seemed to be touching now.

“Yeah,” Danny replied vaguely. He wanted to play volleyball, and he wanted to put some space between that ex-couple, and he wanted Kaye to stop glaring at him and be - happy? Did Kaye do happy? - less miserable, and less damaged (but he maybe couldn’t do anything about that last part). “Let’s go play the stupid game,” he suggested energetically, standing up. “Hitting a ball at my head might make you feel better.” Danny held out his hand to help Kaye up, but he didn’t really expect her to take it.

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