Dardanius Dubois
I have an objection
Fri Dec 8, 2017 16:28

Kaye actually took his hand, which was definitely a surprise. Of course by now he should have learned not to have any expectations when it came to Kaye, but old habits die hard. He helped her out the chair - she was much shorter without those insane heels - then withdrew his hand. He even picked up her dumb shoes because she obviously wasn’t wearing them to play sports, and then he gestured for them to walk together to the net where Holland and the nearly-naked menace were practically cuddling.

Okay that was an exaggeration. He wasn’t sure why Ruben was making him quite so mad. Even without all the stupid things he had done, Danny thought he would still be disinclined to like the other sixth year. It was petty, but he couldn’t help resenting the effect Ruben had on his friends. He would have sworn Rose had been attracted to Ruben, before Marissa had - anyway, and Holland had dated him, and it wasn’t as if Danny was jealous, exactly, but he was glad he still had Emmett on his side. Yet Danny didn’t hate Ruben - a lot of that stuff wasn’t the transfer’s fault, and even the things that he could be blamed for didn’t make him worth hating. Dardanius didn’t often see the point in animosity - if he couldn’t have everyone as friends, he’d rather have allies than enemies.

Even so, right now Holland and Ruben were much too close for comfort. Danny remembered what Holland had said about their options at RMI being limited, and with the rest of their main friendship group now in two couples, he knew it must be tempting to be in a relationship again. For that reason, it would suit Danny if Kaye and Ruben were a couple, but he wasn’t dumb enough to get involved with that. If Holland made the terrible decision to start dating Ruben again then he grudgingly decided he’d try to get along better with the Swede, for Holland’s sake. Merlin help him, it wouldn’t be easy (yes they were admittedly getting along right now, for the moment, but that probably had something to do with how little time they actually spent in each other’s company). As for Kaye, he couldn’t be certain - or even guess, really - what was bothering her today, but perhaps spending some time with friends - with two of the three people she’d mentioned by name as specifically not being jerks - might cheer her up.

Dardanius took a couple of steps away from their beach chairs and towards the net, and said to her, “Maybe we just have clashing personalities.” It wasn’t an apology for calling her repugnant, but it was a concession to admit the fault in their hostility might partly be his. He looked at Kaye to see if she was still upset; maybe interrupting Holland and Ruben would still be worth it, but if Ruben thought Danny had upset Kaye that might be a problem. “I tend to be more drawn to people who don’t intentionally rub me the wrong way,” he offered her a smile. They could maybe try being friends if she stopped insulting him so regularly - they’d had very occasional moments where they had almost conversed normally until Kaye reverted back to her usual self and snapped at him - but he’d settle for a truce: an implicit acknowledgment that he wasn’t trying to make her life difficult (if anything, he had always believed it to be the other way around).

“Hey,” he called in greeting to Holland as they approached, and he placed Kaye’s shoes carefully back on the ground. He considered that there wasn’t an ideal split here for two teams. Separating Ruben from Holland was the main objective, so they had to be on opposing teams. Lyra against Aquila then could be feasible, except that left both Kaye and Ruben on the opposition and Danny would prefer to come out of the party with his face in tact. He had played some broomstick volleyball as Quidditch drills a couple of years back when Frankie had been captain, but that wasn’t a game Danny had reinstated. He’d also played a water version in his pool at home, with his Dad or when family and friends came to visit, but he was hardly an expert at the sport. If Ruben and Kaye both wanted to aim for his head (and he didn’t expect much else from either of them - he had more or less suggested to Kaye she do exactly that) it could get old quickly. So, then, Danny could be on Ruben’s team and play against Holland and Kaye. That could work. Admittedly those teams weren’t balanced in terms of strength, but he doubted any of them had sufficient experience for it to matter, particularly in a meaningless, just-for-fun pickup game at a beach party.

Making the decision for them, Danny pulled his t-shirt up as he declared, “Shirts versus skins.” He dropped the bright yellow top unceremoniously in the sand and hoped that Kaye’s presence might nullify any suspicions that he would have ulterior motives to being there, above and beyond an innocent game of beach volleyball.

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  • I have no objections to that - Holland, Wed Dec 6 18:07
    “ High praise, coming from you. I will treasure the memory of it. ” This was flirting. This was totally flirting and Holland had to decide what to do with that while they blushed a little more. There ... more
    • I have an objection - Dardanius Dubois, Fri Dec 8 16:28
      • Whatever is there to object to? - Ruben, Sat Dec 9 22:32
        Holland accepted the ball from him, and provided the excellent reassurance that volleyball was more about hitting than throwing. “Ja, I am, thank you.” Ruben’s grin widened as he matched their pace... more
        • I don’t see anything objectionable here - Holland, Mon Dec 11 11:38
          The first time he got it wrong, Holland patiently corrected Ruben’s serving stance. Not that they were that much of an expert on volleyball, but they had played the sport and Ruben had not. The... more
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