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Fri Dec 8, 2017 22:42

Dylan confirmed he had no intention of swimming, and professed to prefer making sandcastles. Claudia glanced skeptically at the sand. She had enjoyed that particular pastime when she was younger, but now she suspected she would be aware of sand getting stuck under her fingernails and in her clothes. That would bother her. Overall, a beach party was not really to her tastes, but there were far worse themes that Marissa Kendrick could have selected. Probably, although Claudia was struggling to think of any right now.

“No, sorry,” Claudia said, shaking her head a little as Dylan asked if she knew any transfiguration spells to help him. “I think that’s a little advanced for third year.” Well, perhaps she might be able to accomplish the spells if she knew them, as inanimate-to-inanimate transfigurations were often not too complicated, but she didn’t know them. Again, she suspected Holland might be able to help, but a brief glance in their direction let Claudia know that Holland was talking to one of the least favourable people in the room, and that was saying nothing for the lack of his attire.

“I am interested in learning about spells to change clothes and other physical attributes,” Claudia confided in Dylan. “Evidently they could prove useful.” She smiled. “I’m Claudia,” the third year introduced herself, as she hadn’t yet done so this far in their conversation. She slipped her boo back into her bag, confident now that Dylan had joined her on the blanket that she wouldn’t be reading it any time soon.

“It’s been a few years since I made a sandcastle,” she confessed. Her parents sometimes took them to the beach but it had been a while. She wasn’t going to suggest they build one together, but if Dylan suggested it she probably wouldn’t oppose. She did know a spell for cleaning under her fingernails.

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    “Ah, cool,” he responded to her description and hopes for the book he’d asked about but which she hadn’t actually started reading yet. He didn’t have much to add to that, since he likewise had never... more
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