Raja Nazari-Richards
A potent combination, to be sure
Sat Dec 9, 2017 12:32

Raja wasn’t necessarily the biggest party person, but he was more extroverted than introverted generally and did find them usually pleasant after he mustered up the confidence to go. And he did like to go to RMI parties because 1) Teal was frequently at them and 2) he liked Marissa and Rose and didn’t want them to be sad if nobody came. Not that there was ever a danger of that for a Marissa Kendrick Party™, but every body that was there helped.

As most teenagers - Raja had just turned thirteen and was a newly-minted member of that society - he was finding some trouble feeling confident in his own skin lately, but he did his best to dress maybe kinda cool. He was technically wearing swim shorts, as one wore to the beach, but he had no real intention of swimming. He brought a towel just in case, though, and matched a plain blue t-shirt to his blue slide sandals. Some orange sunglasses added a pop of another color (hopefully) without being too much.

A little voice in his head pointed out to him that if Teal was there, she might be in a swimsuit. Raja had heard this little voice a lot lately, and it was a tiny brain demon he knew only to call puberty. So while he tried to shut it down, as the thought struck him on the walk to the rec center, he did find an almost involuntary smile on his face. But then he realized that there might be a lot of girls in swimsuits and that smile was immediately replaced by panic. Girls, as a whole, were terrifying.

He arrived a little late, and as he made his way through the rec center, he noticed Dade Farnon, his yearmate in Draco, dripping wet and coughing. Raja paused, wondering if he should ask if the other boy was okay or if he’d prefer to be left alone, when Dade noticed and snapped at him: “What?”

Raja’s mouth fell open, but, startled, he couldn’t make any words come out. So instead, he just held out his arm, wordlessly offering Dade his towel.

  • Sniffles in the sun - Dade Farnon, Thu Nov 30 20:50
    It had been coming on for a little while now, but Dade Farnon was very definitely sick. The cold that had been sneaking up on him for a week, making him tired and cranky and less inclined to eat, had ... more
    • A potent combination, to be sure - Raja Nazari-Richards, Sat Dec 9 12:32
      • But not a fun one - Dade, Sat Dec 9 14:31
        Okay so it was Raja staring at him like an idiot. Dade didn’t usually mind Raja, just because there wasn’t a whole lot to mind. He spent a weird amount of time interacting with Teal Rosse (who Dade... more
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