However big you want them
Sat Dec 9, 2017 13:53

Remington agreed to come into the pool, so Drew made his way to the shallow end of the pool. He had to duck underwater a little to dodge Steven, Susan, and the Reynolds twins, who were playing chicken (Camilla was stronger, but Susan had a steadier base in Roger) before he could get there. Drew had actually learned how to swim in the Rec Center pool, but it was a totally different body of water today, with all the sand and waves.

It was hard to swim when he got to the shallow end, so Drew stood up, water dripping from his short hair. Drew’s curly hair always took a long time for it to dry, even when he used a towel. There was probably a spell he could do that would dry it instantly, because he was pretty sure Marissa had to use something like that (her hair was even curlier than Drew’s—without magic it would probably never dry) but the first-years hadn’t learned charms like that yet.

Instead of changing into a swimsuit, Remington just took off her shoes and came into the water a little way. She looked happy about being in the water now, but she still had her cover-up on so Drew was careful not to splash too much as he moved closer. “See? The water’s great,” he said. There wasn’t a lot they could do if she didn’t want to get her clothes wet, but maybe she just needed to get used to the water before she committed to going in all the way.

There, she was getting out to change now. When Remington started taking off her clothes right in the middle of the room Drew politely looked away. Then he thought that was silly, because she must be wearing something underneath it (because otherwise why would she take off her clothes?), and it was probably a swimsuit, and he would see her with her swimsuit on when she was done. But it seemed really rude to watch her in the middle of changing so he just looked at the chicken game instead. Steven and Camilla won, with Susan toppling off Roger’s shoulders, just as Remington got back in the water.

“You’re not gonna drown,” Drew said, grinning. “Plus I think the school’s magic won’t let you drown. Like, if you started drowning the water would vanish or a house elf would come and save you or something.” Drew had never seen this happen, but he was pretty sure no one could die of an accident at RMI. The school was kind of alive because of all the magic and stuff and it probably wouldn’t let anyone who belonged there drown. “We can stay near the shallow end. Okay so if you come in a little more, you can pull your legs up a little and kick them like this to stay above the water,” Drew demonstrated, moving a little backwards into the pool so he could tread water. It took him a second to get the right rhythm, but then it was easy to stay afloat. “It helps you stay up if you use your arms like this,” he said, making flat circles in the water with his arms. “You can try it. I promise not to let you sink or anything.”

  • How big are the waves? - Remington , Tue Nov 28 19:04
    Drew was very adamant about getting her in the water. It was sweet. She'd never understood the hype around beaches though. Salt water left your skin feeling weird sometimes, and sand got everywhere.... more
    • However big you want them - Drew, Sat Dec 9 13:53
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