But not a fun one
Sat Dec 9, 2017 14:31

Okay so it was Raja staring at him like an idiot. Dade didn’t usually mind Raja, just because there wasn’t a whole lot to mind. He spent a weird amount of time interacting with Teal Rosse (who Dade found kind of annoying and vaguely useless) but other than that, Dade couldn’t have named a distinguishing quality about him. Maybe he played Quidditch. He looked like the sort of person who might have enough House pride to play Quidditch. Dade wouldn’t know; he never paid any attention at all to the game, despite the fact that both of his siblings played. Rose actually liked sports a lot (weird), and Connor had gotten talked into it or something by Claudia. Who he was now dating, or something. Dade didn’t really understand what that whole situation was and he’d decided he didn’t care, because he found Claudia boring and Connor either annoying or too interested in what Dade was doing for his own good.

Anyway, Raja was offering him a towel because that was the sort of thing Raja did. Dade didn’t even glare at it before he took it from his yearmate’s hand and vigorously toweled off his hair. As for the rest of him - well, that was a problem. The towel probably wouldn’t help dry off the t-shirt, since it had absorbed water. Dade would probably have to pull the stupid t-shirt with the stupid smiling whale off himself and wring it out if he had any hopes of it drying, and even then a towel wouldn’t help. The idea of being shirtless in front of people made Dade really uncomfortable, but he also didn’t want to be sopping wet for the entire day. Well, he would dry eventually, but the second-year didn’t want to wait for eventually, he wanted to be dry now.

He considered his options. He could wait for his shirt and trunks to dry (no), he could wring out his shirt and then what, walk around shirtless? That sounded horrible, even though out of the corner of his eye, the dark-haired boy could see at least one upperclassman who had decided that was exactly what a beach party was for. Dade scowled. Or, alternately, he could ask an upperclassman to help him by using some sort of charm to dry him off quickly. But that was embarrassing. But was it worse than being damp and sick?

Dade coughed again. It definitely sounded like he was pretty sick, and this was just going to make him sicker. Stupid Danny. Oh. He knew what to do.

Hazel eyes flitted around the room as Dade looked for his older sister, finally finding her in what appeared to be an awkward conversation with someone that Dade kind of recognized. He marched over to Rose, knocking at least one person’s drink over without the tiniest feeling of remorse. Before Dade could make his own complaint about the state he was in, Rose’s eyebrows had gone up. He started to say something, then started coughing. Rose went from looking surprised to looking grumpy, which Dade should have expected; grumpy was how Rose usually looked when it looked like her brothers needed taking care of, and Dade definitely sounded like he should be in bed rather than dripping at a beach party..

“Why are you here? And why are you sopping wet?” she asked.

“Danny pushed me in,” Dade said quickly. He watched his sister’s eyes narrow and smirked smugly. Danny Dubois would pay for pushing Dade into the pool, yup. “Can you dry me off?” He didn’t want to say why he was at the party.

But Rose had already been reaching for her wand, which she was keeping stuck in her back pocket, and without a word she waved it in his direction. Steam came off his clothes in a cloud that dissipated quickly, and suddenly Dade was dry (and a little warm). It felt nice.

“Go back to your dorm,” she ordered him, putting her wand away. “Or go to the medic and get a Pepper-Up Potion. Pick one.”

“Fine,” Dade grumbled, secretly pleased that he had a reason to leave. He hadn’t been in a good mood to begin with, and Danny had definitely soured his day. Plus, sleeping more would be nice. He headed in the direction of the door, when he suddenly realized that he had Raja’s towel in his hand. Whoops. Dade turned around, then scanned the party again until he saw Raja, who he made a beeline for.

“Here,” Dade shoved the towel (which was also dry and slightly warm) back at Raja. There was a long moment where Dade just stared at his classmate before saying “Thanks”. Another long pause. Dade wasn’t sure how to leave the conversation without seeming like he was mad at Raja. He wasn’t mad at Raja; he appreciated the towel. But he also wanted to go back to bed. Dade resumed coughing into his elbow.

  • A potent combination, to be sure - Raja Nazari-Richards, Sat Dec 9 12:32
    Raja wasn’t necessarily the biggest party person, but he was more extroverted than introverted generally and did find them usually pleasant after he mustered up the confidence to go. And he did like... more
    • But not a fun one - Dade, Sat Dec 9 14:31
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