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Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:38

The first time he got it wrong, Holland patiently corrected Ruben’s serving stance. Not that they were that much of an expert on volleyball, but they had played the sport and Ruben had not. The second time he got it wrong Holland realized that Ruben was doing it on purpose, but they didn’t mind too much so they started to adjust his arms again. They hadn’t forgotten how muscular Ruben was but wow this was a tangible reminder.

Holland was about to joke back about the feasibility of serving pancakes à la volleyball when they were joined by Kaye and Danny. That seemed… strange. Was Holland being paranoid, or was Danny pulling an Emmett circa the sleepover party? If that was what he was doing, at least Danny was showing up himself. Except Holland didn’t want him to do that almost as much as they didn’t want him to send Russell to interrupt for him. It was like Holland had told Emmett after that debacle: they could handle themselves. Holland wasn’t stupid enough to stay in a situation that made them uncomfortable.

Danny had brought Kaye with him, though. Holland used the word “brought” because Danny was clearly leading the charge, carrying what had to be Kaye’s shoes with the Aquila following somewhat dubiously. Which—okay, it was fair that Kaye was there. If anyone had any right to show up uninvited right now it was Kaye, because she and Ruben were a thing (or were kind of a thing? Not that Ruben was really acting like it…). Holland would stop flirting if it bothered Kaye. Since Danny had come over with Kaye, maybe she had the ulterior motive and he genuinely just wanted to play volleyball.

Wait. No. That didn’t add up either, because why would Danny voluntarily go somewhere with Kaye? Holland wouldn’t say Kaye and Danny hated each other, but there was no shortage of animosity between them. He wouldn’t go anywhere to help her, especially toward the person who had literally stabbed him. The only reason Danny would do that would be to do something he wanted to do, like intervene with what Ruben was doing... which was talking to Holland. Ugh.

Ruben seemed to have the same thought as Holland, and they shared a sarcastic, suspicious sidelong glance. Holland was beyond being suspicious, though, because it was already clear to them what Danny was up to. They weren’t sure if he was acting alone or if Danny and Emmett had colluded on this and today it was Danny’s turn to get in the way, but either way it was getting ridiculous. Holland had the thought that if they kept getting interrupted at parties, Holland would have to hang out with Ruben in less-public places. That train of thought stalled in the station when, apropos of nothing, Danny whipped off his shirt. It was hard not to compare the guys and hard not to see that Ruben was more… yeah. No contest, but Danny was still in pretty good shape. Huh.

Kaye brushed off whatever Ruben had asked her, so it seemed like they were going to play volleyball. The prospect was less fun than it had seemed when Holland came over to the volleyball court, but Ruben seemed down to play so Holland wasn’t about to refuse and leave. They were even willing to go along with Danny’s proposed teams, if only because they were already focusing on what they were going to say to him later. Not at the party—Holland didn’t want to have that conversation in front of other people—but once they got back to Lyra or something.

Holland took the ball from Ruben and joined Kaye on one side of the court. “Please tell me you’re secretly a volleyball prodigy,” they requested, grinning. “I really want us to beat them.” Kaye would probably share that sentiment; her overall attitude seemed to be “make white men fail,” and that would definitely apply to their team winning. Holland considered asking whether Danny had put Kaye up to this or whether it was the other way around, but decided against. It didn’t really matter.

Holland balanced the ball on their palm and struck it from beneath with their fist. Their underhand serve was better than their overhand, and the volleyball flew over the net toward the back of the boys’ side of the court. Not bad. As long as it didn’t go out of bounds, one of them would have to back up fast to stop Holland and Kaye from scoring.

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    Holland accepted the ball from him, and provided the excellent reassurance that volleyball was more about hitting than throwing. “Ja, I am, thank you.” Ruben’s grin widened as he matched their pace... more
    • I don’t see anything objectionable here - Holland, Mon Dec 11 11:38
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