So will you?
Tue Dec 12, 2017 01:57

Russell confirmed her guess that he was Muggleborn, and Myffi offered a smile and a nod that perhaps reflected her internal ‘Ha, I was right,’ - admittedly it hadn’t been an especially tricky problem to solve. Who hadn’t heard of exploding snap, anyway? Aside from Muggles, obviously, and apparently Muggleborn wizards, too. He even asked her about a danger element of magical games.

Myfanwy thought that was an odd choice of words. Risk, that was appropriate. There was more risk involved in playing exploding snap than regular snap (literally no risk whatsoever, and consequently maybe a bit dull as a game choice), but it was hardly dangerous. Didn’t Russell play Quidditch? Now that was a dangerous game, there weren’t really two opinions to have about that, as far as Myffi was concerned. She was enjoying watching the school games so far, but she still hadn’t decided if trying out for the Lyra team was something that she wanted to do. For a start she was still comparatively unsteady on a broomstick (she had been practising since her arrival at the school, and she was, by now, what she would call an adept flyer, but that didn’t mean she was going to be any good carrying a Quaffle and opposing other Chasers while dodging Bludgers - or any of the things the other positions had to do, either, for that matter) and the whole concept of playing a game several feet above the ground with the added intrigue of metal balls trying to unseat the players wasn’t actually all that appealing.

“I guess wizardkind does have a tendency to make things a little more exciting then perhaps they need to be,” she answered his question. “It’s not dangerous, though,” she reassured him. If it sounded a bit like she was mocking him for thinking so it was entirely unintentional. After all, everyone was entitled to their own opinion, even if it made them sound a bit like all they wanted out of life was to curl up in a dark room with a mouse and never have any exhilaration, even a teeny tiny explosion or two from a pack of playing cards.

Russell was obviously convinced that he wasn’t in any real danger, because he sat down, and continued eating his sandwich. Myffi was used to other people eating foods that she didn’t necessarily approve of in front of her, and she didn’t think Russell was doing it to be malicious, so she did her best to ignore him as she focused on the cars tower. “You’re very welcome to watch,” the Welsh girl nodded. “I’ve never tried it before, though, so you might be just watching me fail,” she chuckled.

“How can you tell when they’re gonna explode?” Russell asked.

Myfanwy pauses a moment while she contemplated. “I think it depends on the pack?” She didn’t sound sitenofbher suggestion. “The cards I had at home were quite old, and they sort of quivered a bit before exploding. So if you’re holding an exploding card then you can tell it’s about to go, but if someone else had the card you wouldn’t have any warning,” she shrugged, and placed two more cards in a standing triangle next to the others she had already erected. “I don’t think they are supposed to give you warning,” she mused. “Maybe different manufacturers have their own ways of doing it? Anyway,” she continued, “I’ve never played with this pack before so I have no idea what’s going to happen.” She smiled brightly; she enjoyed finding things out for herself.

  • Always painfully aware of how other people were reacting to his presence, Russell immediately noticed the face that Myffi had directed towards him. Er, his sandwich, specifically. He could come up... more
    • So will you? - Myffi, Tue Dec 12 01:57
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