Petra Stiglitz
I think I'll join you!
Wed Dec 13, 2017 14:58

Petra eyed the ground disdainfully, the artificial sand under her feet making her nose scrunch up. The girl loved water, no doubt about that, but sand was an entirely different issue. It made her itch. The grainy substance got everywhere, even when one was careful, and the Aquila had no desire to track it everywhere she went. But the rest of the party was fun! There was water and snacks and so many people in one place. She definitely preferred this to whatever else she had planned for the day.

Even with her disdain for sand, the second year found herself caught up in the atmosphere for a moment. She wriggled her bare feet, toes wiggling against the ground as she watched everyone. They all looked like they were having so much fun and their bathing suits were funny too. The twelve-year old giggled at all the colors and some of the odder assortments. Her face soured for a moment and she glanced down, wishing that she didn’t have one of Helena’s old hand-me-downs. The suit was a simple green one piece, but it wasn’t nearly as bright as it had once been. But it served its purpose. That’s what mama always said. So long as it still does what it was supposed to in the first place, none of the rest mattered.

Of course, that didn’t mean that Petra liked the fact that most of her clothes were hand-me-downs. Having as many older siblings as she did made everything hard, and she assumed money was part of that, although she didn’t know much about that. But almost every piece of clothing that the girl owned had come from one of her older sisters. But daddy had worked hard to get them everything they had and that was what mattered most.

The tall girl squared her shoulders, deciding to be proud despite the fact that her swimsuit wasn’t as colorful or fancy as some of the other students. She’d had enough of the sand though, and the water looked nice. Stepping gingerly across the artificial ground, the Aquila let her toes just barely brush the water when a voice caught her attention. Grey eyes flickered down to see one of the other girls in second year. Dumbfounded for a second, Petra had to check to make sure that she was actually the one that the other girl was talking to. “Sure!” She responded brightly upon realizing that she was indeed the intended person spoken to. Moving to sit down on the edge of the pool/sea/thing, Petra grinned at her fellow student. “Dontcha just love the feel of water?”

  • Taking some time off! - Sara de Alba, Sat Dec 2 14:12
    There were a lot of events and stuff that Sara de Alba usually did not attend because she didn't want to get behind from everyone else again, but the second year was about to explode from being... more
    • I think I'll join you! - Petra Stiglitz, Wed Dec 13 14:58
      • I would love some company! - Sara, Wed Dec 13 17:51
        Sara had never considered herself an antisocial person, in fact, she loved having friends and everything that entailed, but school had taken precedence. So, when Petra, another fellow second-year,... more
        • I'm glad to hear it! - Petra, Sun Dec 17 16:26
          Petra was slightly relieved to find that the other girl really was talking to her. For a moment or two as she sat she thought maybe she was wrong, like, maybe she hadn’t actually heard the other... more
          • Yey! - Sara, Wed Dec 20 11:45
            Yes, I am Sara,” she replied with her smile still intact. She didn't find it offensive that Petra didn't know her name, especially because she would probably be in her shoes if her new friend’s name... more
            • Now this is even more fun! - Petra, Wed Dec 20 12:17
              At least she had remembered it correctly. Petra would have felt bad had the girl’s name not been Sara and then she would have been entirely embarrassed. Some friend she was. But the blonde gave and... more
              • I agree - Sara, Tue Dec 26 18:18
                Sara could sort of understand the logic of the body storing food vs. not storing water, though she still had a lot of questions, but Petra didn't have the answers she sought. It was okay, really.... more
                • I'm still glad! - Petra, Fri Dec 29 15:34
                  Petra grinned as she kicked her legs out into the water, idly watching the rest of the people enjoying the party. She didn’t expect Sara to join her in the water, some people didn’t klike it but they ... more
                  • Same - Sara, Fri Dec 29 16:51
                    Sara smiled excitedly as she listened to Petra talked about her many siblings, “Oh!” The Lyra had no idea how to address the big number. Part of her was jealous of Petra’s many siblings. It had to be ... more
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