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Sun Jan 22, 2017 14:12

Marissa couldn’t help but think about Quidditch for a moment while in the pool. She’d held team bonding things in the Rec Center, but it might be a good idea to hold an actual training session in the pool. Was there a weird water polo version of Quidditch? Had people done this before? She catalogued the idea to the back of her mind, filing it under, ‘Things to remember at 2 A.M.’

She was a little surprised that Nick seemed to talk about her a lot, but pleased. The fifth year loved working with the older student when it came to dance and the Drama Club. The red head looked up to him. He was such a creative dancer. Sometimes, Nick would do something, and Marissa would immediately make him do it again and teach her. He was the only person she knew about at Rocky Mountain International that shared her passion for Actual Dancing; it was weird to think that this was his last year.

“I know there’s no sign saying, ‘You can’t sit with us,’” she slipped in the Mean Girls reference with ease, “But I certainly don’t want to interrupt either of you when you’re talking. You two have this spark when you’re together.”

She wondered if Frankie knew what she meant. She hoped he did.

“So what kind of dance do you take?”

“I have the same Jazz class as Nick,” she responded and made her way over to the wall so she could stop treading water, “and then I take Modern. I was thinking about adding another class, but the only thing right now that fits in my schedule is Tap, and I’ll leave that to Nick. No, thank you.”

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    When she said she was an Aquila, it suddenly dawned on him that she was the Captain and probably Head Chaser of the Aquila Quidditch team. He had sent many a bludger at her through the years. The... more
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