Now this is even more fun!
Wed Dec 20, 2017 12:17

At least she had remembered it correctly. Petra would have felt bad had the girl’s name not been Sara and then she would have been entirely embarrassed. Some friend she was. But the blonde gave and enthusiastic nod. “I’m so glad I didn’t get it horribly wrong,” she quipped happily. Chances were she wouldn’t forget. It just made it hard when Petra didn’t talk to many people outside of class. But now she had spoken to Sara outside of class and that made all the difference. “I won’t let it slip away, I promise!” Chances were they’d be paired up in class again or maybe even they’d meet up outside of class, the possibilities really were endless.

“I’m not sure,” Petra said, forehead creasing as she tried to remember. Helena had explained why to her, of course it had been with an intense amount of exasperation at having to deal with a sibling. But thankfully, Helena enjoyed showing off how intelligent she was so it was a chance for her to gloat a little. “I think she said that our bodies store the food. Like even after we eat, it’s still there. And because of that we’d use what our bodies store if we didn’t eat.” The girl tried to think if there was anything else to it, but she couldn’t. “We don’t do that with water, so we need more of it. But honestly, I don’t see how because everyone I know is always hungry! I’m always hungry!”

The girl giggled and shrugged as if in explanation. It was a big idea and Petra didn’t really know much beyond what Helena had told her. Sara had mimicked her motions in the pool, but kicking her legs was kind of boring. It was nice to feel the water and all, but she preferred playing in it.

With a thoughtful look, Petra pushed herself off the wall and into the water, letting it wash around her shoulders. As long as she stood on her tippy-toes she would be fine and her head would stay above water. If she didn’t, she’d just have to breathe through her nose and hope that water didn’t splash abck up in her face. The Aquila treaded water for a minute or so before tossing her arms up on the edge of the pool/ocean/thing so that she could hold herself up over the edge. Pushing some wet hair out of her eyes, she shrugged. “Helena tries to be smarter than she is though, so I don’t know how much of that is true.”

  • Yey! - Sara, Wed Dec 20 11:45
    Yes, I am Sara,” she replied with her smile still intact. She didn't find it offensive that Petra didn't know her name, especially because she would probably be in her shoes if her new friend’s name... more
    • Now this is even more fun! - Petra, Wed Dec 20 12:17
      • I agree - Sara, Tue Dec 26 18:18
        Sara could sort of understand the logic of the body storing food vs. not storing water, though she still had a lot of questions, but Petra didn't have the answers she sought. It was okay, really.... more
        • I'm still glad! - Petra, Fri Dec 29 15:34
          Petra grinned as she kicked her legs out into the water, idly watching the rest of the people enjoying the party. She didn’t expect Sara to join her in the water, some people didn’t klike it but they ... more
          • Same - Sara, Fri Dec 29 16:51
            Sara smiled excitedly as she listened to Petra talked about her many siblings, “Oh!” The Lyra had no idea how to address the big number. Part of her was jealous of Petra’s many siblings. It had to be ... more
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