Well there's no business like show business
Sun Dec 24, 2017 11:24

Rose didn’t have time to feel smug about the compliment about the party (she knew it was brilliant but it didn’t hurt to hear it from somebody else) because out of the corner of her eye she saw her youngest brother coming toward her. Her eyebrows went up in surprise before realizing that he was dripping wet and coughing. He looked like he was running a little bit of a fever, too. Her expression changed from one of surprise to the look unique to oldest children with miscreant younger siblings.

“Why are you here? And why are you sopping wet?” Rose asked, eyeing her brother up and down. He looked absolutely miserable and pretty pathetic, not unlike Sami the one time she had gotten stuck in the bathroom and someone had turned the shower on while she was in it. Before Dade had time to answer, she was already reaching for her wand, ready to cast a spell to dry him off.

“Danny pushed me in,” was Dade’s response. “Can you dry me off?”

The sixth-year’s eyes narrowed. Danny Dubois had pushed Dade into the pool? She was going to murder him. Or at least smack up upside the head, and possibly push him into a pool. He would deserve it. Picking on second years like he had nothing better to do. And being stupid enough to pick on Rose’s brother? Yeah Danny was going to pay for this. Rose wouldn’t do anything that would cause permanent damage because she was fond of Danny and also she was pretty sure it would make Marissa sad, but he was still going to pay.

Waving her wand in Dade’s direction without a word, Rose watched the steam come off her younger brother’s clothes and felt a little smug. Her nonverbal magic had gotten quite good, actually, and she was proud of it. She still tried new spells verbally, but more and more she was able to do things without saying a word. Rose imagined that was very useful, particularly in some fields. If she had any inclination to be an Auror, it would have definitely been something to add to her CV.

“Go back to your dorm,” she ordered Dade, putting her wand away. “Or go to the medic and get a Pepper-Up Potion. Pick one.” He really did look ill.

“Fine,” Dade grumbled as he walked away. Rose watched him for a minute, but then was distracted by the younger kid next to her making a comment. Hazel eyes blinked before turning to him again. Rose put on a cheery smile.

“Nope, I just have to murder Dardanius Dubois,” she said in a tone that matched her expression but was a little unnerving when taken in the context of what she was actually saying. “I can do that later. He’s probably expecting me to do it now, anyway. I’d like it to be a surprise.” Rose’s cheery grin intensified in an almost demonic way for a moment before her expression returned to normal. “Anyway, what’s your name? I forget it.”

  • What kind of business are you suggesting? - Brynjolf, Wed Dec 20 10:00
    Grey eyes opened slowly as Bryn turned his head just slightly to address whoever it was that had heard him. Rose Farnon stood a few feet away from him, looking like she definitely didn’t want to be... more
    • Well there's no business like show business - Rose, Sun Dec 24 11:24
      • No show, no business I suppose - Bryn, Fri Dec 29 17:15
        Bryn couldn’t say he was scared of many people. Perhaps his mother, when brandishing a spoon, and occasionally Professor Blair. Scratch that, Professor Blair always scared him. And so it was when... more
        • No business is good business - Rose, Tue Jan 2 17:51
          Oh right, Bryn. Or apparently fully, ‘Brynjolf’. Rose mentally stored that on her list of really stupid names that people had given their kids. Brynjolf. What, was he some sort of Viking? No wonder... more
          • It really didn’t surprise Bryn that Rose didn’t remember his name or his face for that matter. Really, he might have been more freaked out if she did know who he was. Outside of the four classes that ... more
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