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Tue Dec 26, 2017 18:18

Sara could sort of understand the logic of the body storing food vs. not storing water, though she still had a lot of questions, but Petra didn't have the answers she sought. It was okay, really. Sara didn't know either, and her father would be proud to see her academic curiosity still lived, if only a little.

The Lyra laughed. She was rather enjoying her conversation with Petra! The other girl seemed nice and she sort of had a sense of humor, something Sara appreciated, a lot. The twelve-year old was always in need of someone helping her relax and enjoy the moment once in a while. Life wasn't books and knowledge. Besides, Sara was sure Petra wouldn't forget her name again! Well, she hoped. It would be really awkward to have to repeat it, especially if Sara and Petra hanged again on a later date. The Lyra’s laugh dwindled and it ended with a slight chuckle.

And then Petra went into the water. Sara blinked and smiled at the thought of getting in herself. The water was nice and everyone was having a great time, but something prevented her from doing it. She was comfortable moving her feet through the water, even splashing them once in a while and smiling as the some droplets splashed her face. Sara was okay in her current position. However, she scooted closer to the edge and leaned forward. She watched as Petra threaded through the water. The Lyra was in silence for a minute or two before her yearmate hold herself on the edge.

Sara couldn't help it and she ended up laughing again at Petra’s last comment. The Lyra was an only child, and she couldn't imagine how it was to grow up around siblings or even cousins your same age. She had always wanted to have someone to play with other than books and animals, but her parents had never given her a sibling, and she rarely saw her cousin´s back in Mexico. However, growing up around all kinds of magical animals had been interesting and super fun.

“How many siblings do you have?” she asked curiously. Sara was looking down at the girl enjoying the water.

  • Now this is even more fun! - Petra, Wed Dec 20 12:17
    At least she had remembered it correctly. Petra would have felt bad had the girl’s name not been Sara and then she would have been entirely embarrassed. Some friend she was. But the blonde gave and... more
    • I agree - Sara, Tue Dec 26 18:18
      • I'm still glad! - Petra, Fri Dec 29 15:34
        Petra grinned as she kicked her legs out into the water, idly watching the rest of the people enjoying the party. She didn’t expect Sara to join her in the water, some people didn’t klike it but they ... more
        • Same - Sara, Fri Dec 29 16:51
          Sara smiled excitedly as she listened to Petra talked about her many siblings, “Oh!” The Lyra had no idea how to address the big number. Part of her was jealous of Petra’s many siblings. It had to be ... more
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