Fri Dec 29, 2017 16:51

Sara smiled excitedly as she listened to Petra talked about her many siblings, “Oh!” The Lyra had no idea how to address the big number. Part of her was jealous of Petra’s many siblings. It had to be a rather fun family life! “That sounds pretty amazing,” she said with her smile still intact. She wondered about the living arrangements for 10 children, though magical houses tended to be able to expand when it needed them to. She wondered about Petra’s family situation since Sara had grown up with a magical and a muggle parent. It had been hard, if she was honest, especially because they usually tended to flock over the magical family because it was hard to keep magic hidden from her muggle relatives.

Wow. Petra had a lot of siblings. The Lyra smiled at the idea of growing up around so many people. She was an only child and been raised away from both of her families. Her childhood consisted of traveling around with her parents and taking care of different kinds of magical creatures and non-magical animals, but part of her had always wished for a playing partner. Someone to share everything with, but her parents never got pregnant again. Sara had no idea why, and she had never asked the reason.

The Lyra shrugged, “Its only me, my parents, and a farm full of animals my dad takes care of,” she finished with a proud smile. The twelve-year old wanted to follow her father’s footsteps in the career field, and he had been excited when she had told him. However, part of why she wanted to be a Magizoologist was it was easy for her to follow it from what she had learned from her father while growing up. “It was lonely,” she added with good measure, “I think I would have preferred to grow up with a lot of siblings” And she meant it, Sara have had a lonely childhood, and she was sure she had never said this to anyone before. The Lyra closed with a smile and decided to accompany Petra in the pool. With a quick motion she took off her dress and jumped in.

  • I'm still glad! - Petra, Fri Dec 29 15:34
    Petra grinned as she kicked her legs out into the water, idly watching the rest of the people enjoying the party. She didn’t expect Sara to join her in the water, some people didn’t klike it but they ... more
    • Same - Sara, Fri Dec 29 16:51
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